Sunday, August 5, 2007

Colony Wars update: scoop of the New World! Plus more news!

I logged into the game halfway into the Colony Wars session, and as things seemed to still be shifting on the world map, I went and got myself some dinner before settling in to watch the show.

The first surprise upon my return from the supply run was that CARNAGE Faction had conquered five colonies, and while I watched my screen, a notice that said they had taken their sixth colony came up! Wow!

At the thirty-minute mark, the world map began to change even faster, and many new factions were announced to have obtained colonies.

Finally, it began to dawn on me and on the DeSanggria family that a big event had happened in this week's Colony Wars.

Take a look at the final map for yourself:


See what happened there? At the end of this Colony Wars, Yakisoba Faction had only one single colony left to them, the one at Lago Celeste!

[Edited to add: the official Yakisoba statement, from their blog.]

Wonder what happened to them tonight? And for sure we'd all better watch next week's Colony Wars to find out what happens to them then!

Congratulations to all of the Factions who gained and/or retained their Colonies: CARNAGE, Dominion, Yakisoba, DarkCrusade, ChaosLegion, XeNaTioN, TheRepKnights, Vradical, and Anonymous!

Next week will be such a great Colony Wars session, I can feel it!


In other updates.

This screenshot was taken yesterday, in the City of Auch.


Yup, that's me running into RCM Hrin at the Auch Item Dealer. Judging by those robes and armors, her family on Cervantes has hit Level 5x. Soon after that her family opened a portal to a saved warp and went off, no doubt to level some more while the 2x EXP mod is still in place. ^^

And today, while covering the Colony Wars at El Lago de Tres Hermanas, some very strange information popped up on the left side of my UI:


I have a bad feeling about this! So I hit Alt + R, and sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed:


Oh dear. Family Level 6 means my NineMoons family on Cervantes is now eligible to be Baroned! The most likely triggering factor was Chimal hitting Level 49, the last member of this current group to do so.

I guess I should learn how to properly PvP from now on, and make doubly sure all my good items go into my storage instead of staying in my inventory.

*braces herself*


DeSanggria said...

getting scared to do PvPs as well. i'm sure you'll do quite nicely and no one will hopefully PK you just for the heck of it. XD

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

hear, hear.

thanks for the well-wishes ^^