Saturday, August 4, 2007

The answers to the Trivia Bonanza questions!

Easy questions

What changes happen to your avatars when Baron Mode is ON? Red signs appear over the avatars' heads
What elemental property do the monsters of Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff share? Ice
True or false: Yellow or blue items below lv 32 can be converted into Enchantment Chips. False
What key combination is used to bring up the Squad Information window on the UI? Alt + D
What is the name of the ship on which the tutorial is set? Jaclina
Where is the NPC who sells Ferruccio Bread and Milk located? Queen's Garden, Cite de Reboldoeux, behind Ramiro
What color does the Corsair Rosso armor become when worn by a male musketeer? Blue, dark red, and white

Average questions

What was Grace Bernelli's rank / position when she was in the armed forces of Brestia? Intelligence Officer
Name the headquarters of the Republicans and the Royalists. Republicans - Villa de Libertad; Royalists - Reception Hall
What was the CBT name of the wizard / musketeer armor Redingote? ReSpiked Squamatate
Give the full name of the other explorer who went with Ferruccio Espada to discover the New World. Gilberto Granado
What is the FIRST quest item that Claude Baudez asks your family to get for him? 20 pieces of Sulfur
What two items does Lisa Lynway sell at the Sea Elephant Cafe? Avocado Sandwich and Chocolate
What are the stone pillars which emit mysterious power actually called? Hengestones / Hedgestones

Difficult questions

What is the ATK of an unmodified Barkir Rifle? 153
Name all the places indicated on the signpost in the Reboldoeux Stone Pit. Reboldoeux, Quarry, Tetra
Name the item that shows your political party affiliation. Royal Scroll
Who is the Old World swordsmith who is also known as the God of Swordmaking? Sir Ignacio Valeron
What is the name of the body of water that separates the Old World from the New World? Dark Sea

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