Sunday, December 30, 2007

Recapping a weekend full of comment

And it looks like my rant and its follow-up have both raised and settled some issues that have been festering in the Granado Espada community for some time now. Complaints and commentary about everything from the Naughty or Nice event to the FFA to the Nimrod Bridge Defense event have come up from all quarters. Happy to note that most of the comments have been rational and sensible - with the ignoble exception of some, who took advantage of anonymity.

[So for the time being, I'm going to start moderating the comments on this blog. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand why I had to take that step.]

I think it's a good thing that such problems in the community have been brought to light. We'd had the same thing in mind when DeSanggria organized that bloggers' meeting. Now all that remains is to wait for a response from IAHGames, at whom most of the commentary in the players' blogs have been directed. Let's see what happens after the New Year.

Now, I stand corrected: Nate Reclusion has announced that he will continue writing the Colony Wars reports for his home server of Caracci, and I'm very happy to be corrected. I'm glad he's decided to continue and wish him the best of luck.

Please read DeSanggria's lament about Caravaggio and her precarious position there for an accounting of that server, straight from her.

And finally, here's some year-ender commentary from Fiksdotter about how the some of the year's events have been handled by IAH.

Until tonight and the final Colony Wars report of 2007 - happy gaming.

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