Sunday, December 30, 2007

Colony Wars update: The last one for 2007

Cervantes server's colony ownership, in the last Colony Wars session of 2007:


If you think that the results of this week's Colony Wars look a lot like last week's - well, you'd be right. No changes occurred in colony ownership this week. I think people were mentally bracing themselves instead for the free-for-all that will be next Sunday's session - because, after all, there will be a reset of the colonies this coming first Thursday of January and 2008.

The brief list of factions that battled it out in this last session for the year:

Cupid V GuardsOfHonour
FallenAngels v GuardsOfHonour
MyGE v GuardsOfHonour
†Megalomaniacos† v Vradical

All of these conflicts ended in honorable truce during the session.

In the closing minutes of the session, several representative from Cupid, FallenAngels, and MyGE made server broadcasts thanking GuardsOfHonour for the good Colony Wars session. Maybe it was just a series of practice wars, I'm not sure. But there was a notable lack of ill-will among the four factions, and GuardsOfHonour were being thanked for a good session at its close.


Notes from WrathOfGod:

Preparing to defend Ferruccio Junction.

Having captured no less than six colonies last week, the faction shifted to full defense in this session. Since only about half the faction could make it, we were spread out pretty thin, so the defenders agreed to assist each other should any attacks come up, by warping to the afflicted colony/ies via the Colony Warp managers.

I volunteered to lead the defense of the Ferruccio Junction Colony, and wound up leading a small group of people: DelBaltuzar, DeAxelle, Nitesuki, givo, GraEspada, Lordvandor, HGSFROG, and warpig. We were an assorted mix of levels and teams, and as we were defending the colony that usually gets attacked first in normal CW sessions, had to brace ourselves for the craziest things that could happen.

And it turned out we actually didn't have anything to do for the entire session; some of us soon began to devote their time to other things such as leveling new characters. We we not remiss in our defense - we scouted Channel 2, we laid on the buffs - but we turned out to have attended a most lackluster session, and so there was nothing for it but to wait it out.

Next week, if the reset goes through as announced, WrathOfGod will lose its Colony's Protection buffs, all the colonies will once again be scrubbed and up for grabs, and we may even see the beginning of political and economic changes in the game's landscape.

But until then, this is NineMoons of Cervantes closing out the 2007 CW coverage. Next report will be dated January 2008. Happy grinding and happy new year to all.


Deseus said...

Its really tough to continue blogging on the CW when there is hardly any action to speak of.

I wonder what it will take before action is available again?

NineMoons Family said...

@ deseus

I heartily agree with your sentiments. CW coverage occasionally turns into killing-the-time coverage instead these days.

As for a possible impetus to make it all exciting again, maybe the information in this link might help:

Cheers and a Happy New Year to you.