Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Granado Espada scoop! Notes on the election system

At present, RCM Hrin holds the rank of Honored Guest in WrathOfGod faction, as she's with us on an extended visit. Christmas Day night saw her both leveling to make Veteran status, and chatting with the rest of us.

And then faction leader aLKayeL introduced the topic of the elections for the political leaders of Granado Espada: the Royalists' Duke, the Republicans' President, and the Chancellor of Granado Espada [specifically in Cervantes server].

Hrin replied that the election system might be implemented as early as next week - the first week of January 2008, and quite possibly on Saturday night [5 January, for those of you keeping score at home]. Succeeding elections would then be held on the first Saturday of the month.

His concern also had something to do with the enormous amount of money representing the collected taxes to date from the Market Manager, about 14 BILLION vis in our server. He was wondering about all that money and its possible effect on the server economy; previously, the faction with the most colonies got ALL of the market taxes.

Hrin's answer was, IAH were looking into splitting the market tax between the three leaders: the President, the Duke, and the Chancellor. Each leader gets 35% of the taxes. In line with this, and in order to correct any possible imbalances related to the money, she added that they were also thinking of resetting the market taxes in time for the New Year.

They were also trying to think of a way to grant the President and Duke some abilities to affect the game, but were stumped because they had to try and think of abilities that would NOT upset the game's balance.

Some info eh? More news as I get it - and hopefully Hrin will look at this and tell me if I need to correct anything XD

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