Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post for 2007: thanks and wishes

Tonight we say goodbye to the year 2007, and hello to the year 2008 - so here's my send-off post.

Thanks go to:

Kim Hakkyu, IMC Games and HanbitSoft for creating and publishing Granado Espada.

SFA, Kubota Osamu, Kim Junsung and everyone else who created the soundtrack. Thanks for many, many hours of aural pleasure. This game has, far and away, the best soundtrack.

RCM Hrin for working so hard to support the entire Southeast Asian community playing under IAHGames's aegis. She's always responsive to comments from players.

pCM Veya and GE PH product manager Ivee for always inviting me to the local events.

DeSanggria for being the hardworking voice of the Philippine GE community until recently. Sis, you always have my support for everything.

Bloggers from all around the Philippines and the world: Novastorm, Gyl of Granadosource, Welling, Ogasawara-neesan, Mena, the Reclusion guys, Rococo, Fiksdotter, Arcleaumont, Sigrid, and so many others. Thanks for sharing the double experience.

My factions: from Harbin's Æphemeral to LuckyStar's ReBirth to aLKayeL's WrathOfGod, for making my gaming experience so much fun.

Friends I've made through the game: Thoraine, Jac [Alastor], Kraft, and all the others. You are wonderful people inside and out.

I wish for:

Continued development of the game: more updates, better equips, many more mobs to fight, dungeons to crawl, and maps to explore.

Peaceful patching especially with major updates.

Better measures against bots, RMT and all the other nasties affecting online games.

A better-behaved community.

More events both in-game and in real life. Please make the events more enjoyable for all.

Please bring back Channel 3. It really does help ease up on the lag that way.

Fairer prices for all of the items in the Premium Item Shop. Please make the items more accessible to more players. More items costing under 500 G-Points, please!

More exciting Colony Wars.

Continued storyline development, especially in the political aspect of the game.

Better treatment for the segment of the community that is trying to help everyone else.


I may have had more wishes, but forgot them. Oops.

Next post will be in 2008 - be safe however you celebrate the New Year, and happy hunting to all.


DG said...

On behalf of Vradical's guys and gals, I applaud on your dedication to SGE Cervantes and wish you a happy new year. ^^

*Firing a 21-BD volley to honor your efforts*

NineMoons Family said...

@ dg

awww, a 21-BD volley! thanks so much to Vradical for all the support ^^ Happy New Year to all of you :)