Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Picspam: Andre Janzur came to town and all I got was lousy stuff!

I've tried to make all the pictures smaller to make loading this entry easier, but there are still a lot of screenshots involved! Please be patient, they're a big part of the story!

I had been thinking of skipping Andre Janzur is Coming to Town because I was in the tortuous grip of a migraine, but decided to log into Granado Espada after some encouragement from my partner Rosso.

I'm damn glad I listened to him, because I wouldn't have had so much fun otherwise!

The event was slated in Cervantes at 4pm Singapore time. When it began, I watched the exchange between Emilia, Hrin, Karjalainen, and several GMs over the airwaves with no small amount of trepidation, although I laughed out loud when a player's erroneous comment got smacked down in real time by one of the powers that be presiding over the event.

I started the event in Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus:

That's the first requested costume: Sugarplum Tutu for Catherine the Summoner. [And on the left side of the screen is the broad from the first "victim", Kulangot.]

Other members of WrathOfGod were prepping for the event and when one of our faction vice-leaders, MinistryOfLaw, suggested getting a squad together at the waypoint in Al Quelt Moreza, I jumped over to join her and Lunn:

There is strength in numbers - and the numbers of WrathOfGod at this spot only grew as the event went on.

Things started getting VERY interesting when the one and only Selva in Cervantes server showed up: none other, of course, than RCM Hrin!

MinistryOfLaw picked this map to make our stand because she figured the mobs here would be quite easy to handle, and would not pose additional problems to any bosses that should be summoned.

And when Emilia asked for the Bistre costume for Grace Bernelli, Lunn promptly called her attention - and here were the results:

A Diablo AND a Gerero, and a bunch of Treasure Skullic Footmen, oh my!

I wish I had been able to screencap Gerero roaring, NineMoons! I'm going to kill you! but the lag had just started at that point >.<

Another Selva/Hrin screenshot, this time with her name visible. She's on the lower right, next to the top of the chat box.

When Emilia asked for a Maid Costume and then for a Bear Costume, we got hit with more monsters! [I was wearing the two costumes in succession, both on my wizard.]

There's my broad about the Bear Suit, second to the last line!

One of the other monsters that got summoned on our steadily-growing squad was the Golden Spider, which you can see on the lower left of this screenshot:


And here's the final Diablo, spawned after Emilia called for Lucifer Wings:


Emilia called for the following costumes on Cervantes server [not in order, and possibly incomplete]:
Sugarplum Tutu - Catherine Summoner
Bedlah Costume - Lisa Lynway
Bistre Costume - Grace Bernelli
Maid Uniform - Female Wizard
Clara Mago - Stock Wizard
Raccoon Hat - Viki [corrected by arc]
Lucifer Wings - All Characters
Von Trapp Costume - Catherine of STR/INT/DEX
Ali Baba Costume - Alejandro
Bear Suit - Stock Characters
Swimsuit - Stock Characters
School Uniform - Stock Characters
Sheep-horn Hair - Female Elementalist
Noblesse Coat - M'boma
Crocodile Suit - Stock Characters

In all, WrathofGod faced the following boss monsters:
Golden Spider

**For these two lists: if I've missed something, let me know! I'll update, and credit you!**

By the way, I wish people would stop grousing about "favoritism" and such stuff. Some people got bosses at their position and some did not. Part of the reason is right in the rules of the event: You have to inform Emilia that you have the costume she wants, in the most creative way. There was even an example given in the rules! It was not enough just to say "I have X costume" - you had to do it in a fantazztic way!

Just look at Kulangot's broad in the first picture - he was the very first to get bosses spawned, and he had a great line for Emilia! I'm glad to say we WrathOfGod members managed to get in a few creative lines - and got bosses spawned right over our heads!

My complaints notwithstanding, this was a great way to begin the year: fun with WrathOfGod, pretty new costumes, big bosses, and an exciting event! Rock on!

...And can I just say, I am SO looking forward to Karjalainen's revenge!


Arc said...

Raccoon Hat is for Viki only ^_^

NineMoons Family said...

@ arc

corrected, thanks!