Sunday, December 23, 2007

Colony Wars update: Granado Espada after the reset [Cervantes]

And after the very first monthly reset of colonies comes the first Colony-Wars-from-scratch we've seen in a while; here are the results in Cervantes server of Granado Espada.


Congratulations to GuardsOfHonour, Halcyon, Vradical, and WrathOfGod for obtaining colonies!

And other factions were in the thick of the renewed conflict as well; here are the factions that declared war on each other:

Halcyon v Illuminati
GuardsOfHonour v Illuminati
Cupid v GrandLodge - truced, then re-declared war
ReBirth v FallenAngels
GuardsOfHonour v FallenAngels
Cupid v FallenAngels
DCArebirth™ v Halcyon - truced
Halcyon v GuardsOfHonour - truced
DCArebirth™ v GuardsOfHonour - truced

If I've missed any war declarations, please comment and I'll update the post - thanks! ^^

One of the factions that had been active in Colony Wars prior to the reset - MaFiaCLuB™ faction - did not attend this week, so they lost the chance to snag a colony for themselves. Heard it through the grapevine that they might be disbanding. If anyone wants to confirm or deny the story, likewise please comment and I'll update the post.


News from WrathOfGod:

With the colonies a blank slate following the first monthly reset, WrathOfGod made plans to try and get several colonies, and accordingly formed several attacking teams. We set our sights on the following locations:

Scorching Plateau
Via Fluvial
El Canon Diabolica
Topolo Durga
Bonavista River

Vet squads attacked Scorching, Via, and Topolo and emerged victorious - the attackers at Scorching succeeded in taking the colony a mere fifteen minutes into the war, making it the first colony captured.

A squad with non-vet members was sent to El Canon Diabolica, and I joined the squad even though I was slightly under-leveled for the map. This is what we looked like as we attacked:

Just before the Colony Wars session started, here we are, massed around the colony and poised for attack.

One of the buffs provided in this screenshot came from the Snowman Ward summon item that's the first of the rewards from the Christmas trees hide-and-seek holiday-themed quest. Upon tagging six trees, pioneer families can redeem the 6 tags for 25 Snowman Wards. Each item summons a Snowman critter, which generates a buff are that bestows a +10% ASPD bonus on everyone inside the area of effect.

That was my Snowman Ward, by the way. ^^

The assault on the El Canon colony, featuring Hrin's blenders of death! [That's the Great Rotating Blades skill/structure for you, courtesy of multiple Diegos and a few Angies.]

That's my Albaes-clad wizard on the left side of the screenshot.

The colony also fell into our hands, and flush with victory, we were ordered to the colony at Bonavista river, which was already being attacked by other factions.

Luckily we managed to take the colony through sheer force of numbers, making it colony number 5 for the faction.

We thought it was going to end there, and then suddenly the world announcement popped up: the Ferruccio Junction colony was ours! All the squads looked at each other curiously until we all pieced it together: one of our members took his triple-Diego team and commenced a solo assault on the colony, finally breaking it - all by himself!

And that's how we came to have six colonies. Next week we might face some tough opposition for them - and we might not, but best to make plans for defense on a massive scale now.

Here's one of the celebratory shots taken after the session was finished. Where else could we have gone to celebrate our six colonies but to Ferruccio Junction, our surprise colony?!


Gratz to WrathOfGod and glory!

Till next week~ happy holidays to all~


Raki said...

I got 2 friends from MaFiaCLuB™ faction and now they confirm the disbanding of MaFiaCLuB™. Hope find new ones soon

NineMoons Family said...

@ raki

awww! were they able to tell you the reason for disbanding? i feel kinda bad, they were an okay faction....