Tuesday, March 13, 2007

With six days left in Closed Beta...

...here I am, posting about my experiences while testing the new MMORPG from Hakkyu Kim and IAHGames: Granado Espada.

Currently in various stages of beta testing across Asia, as I understand it, the game will also be eventually released in the US under the name Sword of the New World: Granado Espada.

If you want to know about the game, let me quickly direct you to the official homepage:

I'm here mostly to document the last two weeks, during which I have pretty much obsessively played the game, often for 4-5 hours at a time per day.


Basic information:
in-game family name: NineMoons
server: Cervantes
family composition: Tuon [female], fighter / Radhanon [male], wizard / Furyk [male] scout
levels reached: 36 / 36 / 36
current location: Tetra Ruins - Catacombs


family - in Granado Espada, one player can control up to three characters at a time. These characters are grouped as a 'family' of pioneers / explorers in a new world called, you guessed it, Granado Espada.

fighter, wizard, scout: three of the five character occupations that are initially available to the player. The other two are musketeer and elementalist [also known as warlock in other Asian versions of the game]. Fighters are the main melee characters; wizards have access to both offensive and defensive magic [and the latter fall under the 'buff' category]; scouts can either fight or - the more common choice - heal. Both musketeers and elementalists are ranged fighters, the main difference being that musketeers use bullets and elementalists wield fire, ice, lightning or wind powers.


There, that is it for my introduction. Over the next few days, as the Singapore Closed Beta phase winds down, I'll be talking more about what's happened to me inside the game - from talking about how I got in to how I inadvertently missed out on some of the player-organized events.

I'm also currently working on a guide, the contents of which will discuss all quests undertaken in the first 30 levels. I'll be posting that guide here in sections, and all comments, corrections, and additions will be most welcome.

For some screenshots I've taken - mostly of my family - I've got an account at PhotoBucket. My account name there's jadefox_1982.

Till the next post - be nice and level up as hard as you can, folks.

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