Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reasons why I love GE: first in a series

I always wear good headphones when I'm playing GE. Always.

Venturing into new maps and new dungeons...the thrill level is matched by the experience of listening to new and always engaging music.

Each dungeon has its own set of appropriately menacing / onward-ho! music - and one can't help but keep pushing into new territory, because the beat makes you want to keep going.

Plus, this ain't no music game, but you always know what's playing, because of that nifty little insert in the lower left of the UI that flashes the title of the currently playing track and the person/s who composed it.

My favorite track so far: Nangman Trance. I was pulling an extended stretch in the Tetra Catacombs and every time this track came on I was always torn between wanting to dance a crazy tango, and banging my head.

It makes me want to wish I could create an actual dance sequence within the game. I say, the female Wizard at least ought to be taught how to dance - that dress of hers just SCREAMS for it.

I usually wound up with a mean bout of headbanging, with breaks to camp in a roomful of mobs.

Never mind the odd looks I kept getting from the other punters in the shop where I play. The music is mesmerizing.

I kind of want to download the entire soundtrack [hey, Hrin boss-lady, is that actually going to be possible???], put it on at a party, and watch as people dance to it. Hey, if it worked for remixes of the Final Fantasy soundtrack, it should damn bloody well work for Granado Espada. A soundtrack THAT good deserves multiple listeners over multiple occasions.

I can't help but feel that when GE goes into wider release, people will want to play the game not only for the visuals and MCC, but also for the sounds.

I would actually go so far as to recommend shopowners put the GE soundtrack on their speakers - and turn it up to eleven. I might almost guarantee you'll have people wanting to play GE after they give the soundtrack a listen, decide they like it, and ask where it came from.

The regulars at the shop where I play make a habit of borrowing my headphones from time to time, because they feel their watching isn't complete without the addictive music.

My hat's off to SoundTEMP, Osamu Kubota, S. F. A., Kim Junsung, and everyone else who created the music for Granado Espada.


Hrin said...

Hey! Nice Blog ;)

Yeah we are thinking of bringing in the soundtrack for retail. I love the in-game music as well! :)

The NineMoons Family said...

bwee boss-lady Hrin!!!!!

seriously, though, I really, REALLY like the music.

hopefully it can be made available commercially, and then it can be used as another means to promote the game!