Sunday, November 11, 2007

Colony Wars update: to WAR!

And now, the all-new map of Granado Espada in Cervantes server, following this week's action-packed Colony Wars session:


This week, most of the map falls under Fenrir faction's ownership; Illuminati managed to hold on to a few of their own colonies. At present these two factions are joined as colony owners by WrathOfGod, GuardsOfHonour, Vradical and Fukkatsu factions! Congratulations!

In stark contrast to last week's "quiet" Colony Wars session, it seemed like everybody and their mothers decided to challenge Fenrir and Illuminati for colony ownership this week. Vradical and WrathOfGod led the pack; both had returned from their temporary hiatus and now rallied the many Royalist and Neutralist factions around their banners.

Here's the rundown of the factions that declared war on each other during this session:

Halcyon v Illuminati
WrathOfGod v Illuminati
Fukkatsu v Illuminati
Vradical v Fenrir
Fenrir v Halcyon
GrandLodge v Illuminati
FallenAngels v Illuminati
Fenrir v Fukkatsu
WrathOfGod v Fenrir
GuardsOfHonour v Illuminati
Fenrir v MonoChrome
†BuRaOt†aLlStaR† v Halcyon
DolceVita v Fenrir
BaRoN™ v Halcyon
Vradical v Illuminati [added by kumbee ^^]

Many of these wars concluded in honorable truce at the end of the session.

If this list is incomplete or has inaccuracies, please comment to let me know, and I'll add/correct the relevant entries accordingly. Thank you.


This week I was able to join WrathOfGod faction for Colony Wars. Fresh from taking last week off, the faction was raring to get some action, and after consultations with their friendly and allied factions, sent their teams fanning across the world map - some to attack, some to defend, and some to run reconnaissance missions.

I couldn't join the attack at Ustiur Zona Dos because I don't have the levels to even make it onto the Pinta - so I waited for everyone to come back to the mainland. I wound up going on a whirlwind tour of many colony areas, from Ferruccio Junction all the way to El Canon Diabolica and Topolo Durga, and witnessed many hard-fought battles.

The colony at El Canon Diabolica had to be the most contested colony of the session, as it was held in succession by four different factions: WrathOfGod first, then Illuminati. These two factions waged a back-and-forth battle over it until Halcyon took the colony, and then it finally fell to Fenrir.

WrathOfGod held on to the Canon colony through the first half of the session, but when it was finally wrested away, it became time to find another colony to attempt to take over.

Rion Prairie, one of the other targets:


Pradera de Ceniza, the colony we wound up keeping:


I hope that we'll be able to own more colonies in the future ^^

[Thanks to faction leader aLKayeL for inviting me into the faction! I'll do my best to perform well in the succeeding sessions....]


aLKayeL said...

Its an honor to have you in our faction :D. Don't pressure yourself to much to gain levels quickly cause well, GE is a game after all, so everyone should have fun at their own pace.

Kumbee said...


There is a vrad vs illu somewhere among those declarations ^^


NineMoons Family said...

@ alkayel

thank you for your very kind words ^^

@ kumbee - noted, updating now, thanks!