Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quick round-up: seen and heard in Granado Espada

This is what happens when you ask RCM Hrin for proof of her identity XD

It's official, folks: Granado Espada V2.4, which IAH are trying to get released very soon, is none other than the much-awaited Gigantes Island / Bahia Island patch!

Good lord, I've got to stockpile those G-points now - got four swimsuits to buy - aieee! *runs around in excited little circles*


And bwah ^^ Thanks to Rococo - I won a prize from the latest round of "Guess where this is!" I was first to give the correct location of the screenshot. Thanks and I hope I'm lucky enough to get either the weapon *prays for a fighter/wizard/elementalist weapon* or the money.

ETA: I won the money. Yay!


Spotted in Cervantes server!

RCM Hrin's wiz-ele-scout family, and all decked out in Lucifer Wings.

DeSanggria drops by, and has a quick conversation with Arcleaumont and me ^^


In the next entry: the report from tonight's Colony Wars session. WrathOfGod and Vradical, among others, are back from temporary hiatus ^^

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