Sunday, November 4, 2007

Colony Wars update: the one-sided war

Here's the map of Granado Espada's Cervantes server this week, still dominated by the Republican factions Illuminati and Fenrir.


The "one-sidedness" of this week's Colony Wars session began, for me, within ReBirth faction. My machine had gone haywire because it had been temporarily hit by the Lucifer Wings crash bug. I almost didn't catch it when faction leader LuckyStar formally gave the group's allegiance to the Royalists - but I caught the status message, Royalists have agreed not to wage war this CW, when I managed to log back in.

LuckyStar explained that Royalist factions such as Vradical, WrathOfGod, and others had agreed to not join this week's Colony Wars session as a "protest" against the current monopoly by Republican factions.

[Look! Rare use of the strikethrough! XD]

[Raises eyebrow at LuckyStar ^^]

From the comments, Kumbee says that WrathOfGod, Fukkatsu and Vradical factions were not "protesting", but were either on vacation or temporarily inactive. This statement has already been corroborated by callisto and alkayel, two of the leaders of WrathOfGod, who also went on to say that they're not Royalists. galleon also commented that Vradical has not yet chosen a political side, and that the faction stands against Fenrir and Illuminati for different reasons.

As a consequence, only a few declarations of war were made, and many ended in truces during the session:

Exsilium v Illuminati
Inšomnia v Illuminati - truced
Fenrir v
Inšomnia - truced
Exsilium v Fenrir - truced
GuardsofHonor v Fenrir - truced
FallenAngels v Fenrir - truced
Illuminati v Fenrir - truced*

In addition, the long-standing war between ASA and Fenrir also ended with a truce.

The asterisk in the above list marks this:

The explanation was simply that Fenrir had agreed to turn over their colony at El Canon de Diabolica to Illuminati, necessitating the war declaration. Nevertheless, it was a startling announcement, as the two factions have long been Republican allies.

This was a quiet - many said "boring" - Colony Wars session, and there were repeated calls for the proposed colony reset to be implemented at some point. Frequencies of the reset ranged from weekly to monthly.


A final post from ReBirth: once they became Royalists, I had to leave because I've always supported the Republicans. The guys and gals were kind enough to give me a nice send-off, though, by means of a final photoshoot:



This was my farewell message, on the left side of the screenshot:


Thanks to ReBirth faction for the good times. ^^


Kumbee said...

Hi, vrad did not skip due to protest. And I believe its the same with WoG. WoG leader is on vacation for the week and so are most of vrad's members ^^. As for fukka I believe they are also suffering some inactivity.


NineMoons Family said...

@ Kumbee


I got my information from LuckyStar, faction leader of ReBirth, who said he knew the WOG and Vrad leaders.... will update/correct the entry, thank you ^^

Callisto said...

Nice write up.Ya gotta admit Cervantes CW getting boring. I can say as Vice-Deputy of WoG we weren't protesting, leader was on vacation so we took a break.

Will be back next week.

aLKayeL said...

Hi, just to clear up some stuff, WrathOfGod is not part of the Royalist party ATM. We still have not decided on a political party because the voting system is not working yet.
Also the reason we didnt go to war was, as Kumbee said, because I was away for Holidays over the weekend along with some of my WoG's members as well. After so many weeks of warring, I belive that we needed a break.
Anyway theres no protest going on :) We will be coming back to CW this Sunday!

Till then!

Galleon said...

i think vradical is not royalist too. they are simply against the fenrir/illu alliance more commonly known as the 2T(two traitors) alliance.

NineMoons Family said...

@ callisto & alkayel of WOG

THANKS so much for clearing that up! looking forward to seeing you guys fight again on Sunday!

also, have you got a website, blog, or forums? so I can link you too ^^

@ galleon
I didn't know people were calling fen/illu that. thanks!

aLKayeL said...

Ur welcome :)

Do check out our blog at :

NineMoons Family said...

@ alkayel

many thanks for the linkies!

also, while the game's down, cone on over to this survey ^^