Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last call for Pumpkin Hats: get them before they're gone for a whole 'nother year!

[Bonus points to you if you get the movie reference in the title!]

Remember that the Tiburon's Scarecrows event is ongoing until this Thursday, 8 November - so, here's a reminder from your friendly neighborhood NineMoons family - go get those Pumpkin Hats now, before they're gone!

ETA: Oops! Maintenance has been moved to Wednesday, 7 November! Get crackin' - you only have about four hours left to do this quest - good luck!

The hats are actually selling in Cervantes server for around 5M vis each, but you can still grab them for free if you do the quest now - so let's get right into it!

First, you need to start the quest - go to the "Halloween Event Boy" who looks a whole LOT like Auch's very own Backstreet Boy Tiburon. [His dialogue, and the quest itself, states that he IS Tiburon.] He's standing next to the waypoint in the Port of Coimbra. He'll ask you to collect twenty Halloween Scarecrows for him, which he'll use for his planned costume for Dr. Torsche's Halloween party. Be warned that the quest details won't show up in the "Quests" menu [Alt+A], but so long as you agree to Tiburon's request, you can go ahead.

The Halloween Scarecrows are scattered around various parts of Granado Espada. You collect the Scarecrows by left-clicking on them [much as you do for Hengestones]. Tiburon will give you rewards for every five of them that you collect - go back to him when you've collected 5, 10, 15, and finally all 20 Scarecrows.

The rewards are, in this order:
10x Chocolates [same stuff you can get from Lisa Lynway at the Sea Elephant; each Chocolate restores 900 HP to one character]
3x Lv68 Enchantment Chips [always good for stockpiling, trade and of course enchanting stuff]
5x Platinum Coupons [used to access the Joaquin Treasure Chamber; whack away at the Treasure Iron Maidens and get nifty Lv7x-8x items as well as all sorts of ores]
3x Pumpkin Hats [the Granado Espada Halloween event item for 2007 ^^]

The Halloween Scarecrows are placed on maps for ranging from Lv1 all the way to Lv8x; here are the exact locations, arranged in ascending level order. [Thanks to Ihave0life by way of Prinz Hernan and to gyl of Granadosource for completing and confirming this list!]

Letters and numbers appearing after each map name correspond to coordinates [hit Alt+Z to view them on the zone map]. Be careful to search each indicated location thoroughly. You may need to climb hills or go down winding paths.

Reboldoeux Stone Pit J4
Ferruccio Junction F6
Al Quelt Moreza G9 [refers to the map immediately outside the dungeon, i.e. where the waypoint is]
Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage G8
Cathari Falls H9
King's Garden G5
Tetra Hill D8
Tetra Catacombs G5
Jezebel Glen E4
Porto Bello Deck K7
Porto Bello Deserted Quay G9
Porto Bello Desolate Cliff J2
Thueringenwald H2
El Lago de Tres Hermanas G5
Pradera de Ceniza G6-7 [along the boundary line of those two areas]
Rion Prairie E10
Bonavista River F4
Vegas Javier I10
Joaquin Crater / Crater of Joaquin H6
Old Port of Coimbra D4

Quest notes:
- I used my Cervantes main team for this quest: fighter, scout, wizard. They were all about Lv6x when I started collecting Scarecrows.

- A Lv6x team will do fine on all of the maps except, possibly, the last four, which are 6x to 8x maps with the occasional mini-boss or raid boss. I recommend using a Levitation Wizard or, failing that, a Scout with maxed Acceleration on these tricky maps. Make sure that you have a steady supply of
Health Liquors and Soul Liquors for the Wizard, or Health Liquors and Analeptic Remedies for the scout. Be sure to equip them with armors with high defense, too.

- I had the most trouble on the final map [Old Port]; luckily, the final Halloween Scarecrow is located very close to the top / northern entrance. Just RUN / FLY as quickly as possible, click the Scarecrow quickly if your level is a bit low for the map - and use Logout if you need to.


They've fixed the bug that makes the female wizard's hair look that unnaturally bright red.

Enjoy your Pumpkin Hats!

ETA: The intrepid and VERY courageous Novastorm family relates the tale of the Tiburon's Scarecrows quest - which s/he completed at LV4X!!!! Give that player a round of applause!


Novastorm said...

You have no idea how hard it was for me to get those precious hats! I was level 43 at the time T_T

Take a read if possible by visiting http://ge.jburgos.net/?p=5

NineMoons Family said...

@ novastorm

congrats on getting the hats at lv 4x - and all by yourself at that!

if you need to squad up, I'm NineMoons on Cervantes, and I'm usually on from 3am-9am-ish.

Novastorm said...

Thanks!! Next time I'll PM you for sure ^^

NineMoons Family said...

@ novastorm

hope to hear from you soon ^^

Danielle said...

You guys have all the luck!I play JGE, In Japanese GE Halloween event was on maps lvl 1-108 without help you had to be at least lvl 100 to complete the quest.

NineMoons Family said...

@ danielle

@.@ seriously?

wow, that's hardcore!