Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NineMoons takes a survey!

Maintenance today at 9am Singapore time....

So while we're all waiting for the game to come back online, how about a quick factions survey?


Are you a member of a faction in Granado Espada? Has your faction chosen a political side? What does your faction like to do? Want to promote your faction and / or advertise for new members? Then comment and answer the questions below!

Name of Faction, if any?
Faction's political alignment? Choose from Royalist, Republican, or Neutral/Neutralist.
Faction's main purpose within the game? Answers include participation in Colony Wars, boss raids, and any others that you might think of.
Faction's website / blog / forums URL?
Faction freedom wall: if you want new members or just need a simple place for shout-outs and greetings, go ahead!

Warning: Rude language will not be tolerated - so no swearing please!

Hope to hear from you and your factions in the comments!


T__T said...

IGN: Rococo
Server: Cervantes of course!
Name of Faction: Dominion, dragonforce, prestige (all disbanded)
Faction's political alignment: formerly Republican and Neutralist.
Faction's main purpose within the game: No idea since all disbanded. outside the game is chatting >.>
url: and msn?
Faction freedom wall: lol guys we need to stop chatting on the tagboard >.>

LOL. Just for fun XD

NineMoons Family said...

@ t__t

go ahead and add the MSN if you like ^^

nice one, thanks for answering!

filsimmer said...

IGN: Mena
Server: Carracci
Name of Faction: RedSign
Faction's political alignment: Republican, but it was on the Faction info Neutralist
Faction's main purpose within the game: Woah, that I am not aware of.
Faction's website:
Faction freedom wall: Ummmm... Go RedSign Faction? Hehehe!!! Go RedSign Faction!!!

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

heeey it's Mena! hi there ^^

and thanks for filling this survey out :)

aLKayeL said...

IGN: aLKayeL
Server: Cervantes
Name of Faction: WrathOfGod
Faction's political alignment: Neutralist.
Faction's main purpose within the game: Getting to know new friends through the faction and generally having fun :)
Faction freedom wall: Hi everyone! :D

NineMoons Family said...

@ alkayel

eee thanks ^^

darrick said...

IGN: Reclusion
Server: Caracci
Name of Faction: Destiny
Faction's political alignment: Neutralist (formerly Royalist but still serving the Royalist ).
Faction's main purpose within the game: Bringing up camaraderie and friendship and team work within the members.
Faction freedom wall: Hi to the gayest faction of Caracci Server :p :p :p :D

-Casa Reclusion

NineMoons Family said...

@ darrick

cheers~! thanks for answering ^^

also, musta birthday? XD

gyl said...

IGN: Vashcroft
Server: Pachelbel
Name of Faction: Blood Angels
Faction's political alignment: Neutral
Faction's main purpose within the game: They're an SG only faction and they go on outings a lot
Faction's website / blog / forums :
Faction freedom wall: Erm... If you're SG and you want a very active chatting faction go here ^^

NineMoons Family said...

@ gyl

cool! thank you ^^