Friday, November 2, 2007

Video spam: upcoming versions

These videos aren't all translated into English, but the visuals should give a pretty good idea of what's coming.

First 2 videos are for Version 2.2: Witches of Balanar/Bahamar:

Here's a second version of this clip, with some subtle differences:

Next is Version 2.4: Tropical Island:

As soon as I get a video for the Tierra de Muertos patch, I'll be updating this post to include it.

According to RCM Hrin's blog here, Tropical Island also features Edward Jameson, formerly a Second Lieutenant from the Brestia Special Army, and he has links to Selva, Grace Bernelli, and a younger brother.

And from the forums, we've just now learned that Soso will be renamed to "Feng Ling" for the IAH release.

[For anyone who wanted to know how to get the Chapter of Ice/Frost Martial Arts book: wait for Feng Ling, okay? She's the only way to get it right now ^^]

Worse, that the current cash shop RNPCs such as Pirate Adelina, Soho the Wind, etc. will currently not be released by IAH as they are imbalanced. Hrin goes on to say, though, that they might get a stat re-balancing before they get to us.

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