Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now read THIS! Granado Espada in a Fil-Am online newspaper!

I think it was in September or so when a certain Ronald Panis asked me via email if he could interview me about being an online gamer; he'd read my Gamer Interview and gone on from there.

The interview was part of his research for an article for an online newspaper catering to Filipino-Americans living in the US; I gave him some answers and he said he would notify me when the article came out.

Here it is!

GAME ON: The State of RP Online Gaming

Read, enjoy, and tell me what you think ^^


And, WHOA - one week of increased drop rates in all servers - awesome!


Ligaya said...

Read it. Pretty cool sis! v^_~v

Apparently though Fil-Ams don't play as many games, since they don't seem to have made any comments. >_>0

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya

or the MMOs that they play aren't in the scope of the article. remember we don't get World of Warcraft, and they do. plus, Sword of the New World is just a bastardized version of GE ^^