Thursday, November 15, 2007

An idea for more fun in Granado Espada

Here's something that everybody's favorite pose master Andre Janzur just might get behind. This might not happen for a while, but won't it be fun to think about it?

Presenting: Suggest New Poses!

In a way, this idea was inspired by the Fantazztic Film Awards - more poses for the characters means more ways of expressing themselves to be caught on camera [or FRAPS, as the case may be]....

NineMoons suggests that the following poses be considered for inclusion in any new poses that may be programmed into the game by Kim Hakkyu et al.:

Pose 1: The Curtsy

Yes, I know that there are bows and kneeling and suchlike already in the game, but how about this pose, which is especially for the ladies? I think the wizards and, especially, the elementalists would look smashing doing this pose.

Pose 2: The Facepalm

A favorite pose denoting frustration in many anime shows, and often used as humorous commentary on other people's antics. I picked Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to show this pose because he seems to be doing it all the time in that show!

Pose 3: The Jazz Hands

If you like singing or the theater, you've seen this pose before; it seems to be favored by people who are "getting into the moment" at an important time in the song or in the play. I think this would be a great pose for funny or cute screenshots. In the picture the pose is being demonstrated by American singer Oleta Adams, best known for her cover of the song "Get Here".

Pose 4: The Vulcan Salute

I've included this final pose just for kicks. This is the greeting/salute originally made famous by Mr. Spock from the first Star Trek TV series, and since brought back into popularity by the character Hiro Nakamura from Heroes.

Proper etiquette for use of this salute usually includes the greetings "Prosper and live long", or the more well-known "Live long and prosper".

[Yes, I'm a geek ^^]


And now it's YOUR turn! What poses would you like to have included in Granado Espada? Tell me all about it in the comments~!


filsimmer said...

Let's see...

"Talk to the hand"
-Palm faces conversation partner while the poser's head faces the opposite direction with dismay.

"Greeting Wave"
-A simple gesture to portray a message of greeting or departure in long distances.

"Dance pose"
-Although they cannot dance, this will make a character get into a static dance pose.

I'm out of ideas already! :P

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

in the words of our dear RCM Hrin:

"no peekture no talk" :P

howsabout some pics to illustrate the poses?