Thursday, November 22, 2007

The new-and-improved November issue of Game! is finally out!

This month's Granado Espada feature in the November print edition of local online gaming mag GAME! Magazine is all about "Getting Ready for the Endgame". This particular article was a collaboration between me and Welling - me as the primary writer/editor, and him as the source for a lot of the high-level information. [Because he's a vet, duh, while I'm still a lowly 6x ^^]

First, here's the cover, so you can easily spot it on your local magazine shop's shelves:


I keep having to say, "Excuse me" for the non-GE cover. It's about time the game got pride of place and the glory of the front cover, I say!

And here's the usual first-page teaser of the article, scanned in for you:


Comments: the lead time on these articles is usually about a month, and once submitted, I can't really do much for rewrites and updates before the issue goes to press. So I've already spotted some errors in the text, and remembered some things that should have gone into the article. Oh well.

And also, yeah, some of those screenshots feature my main Cervantes team - with a different faction affiliation because of the aforementioned lead time. Many of the other screenshots feature Welling in turn. The odd thing is that a lot of his shots include a GM - were they following him around or something? That's so intriguing!

The three sidebars we included all have something to do with dungeons: the Forgotten Territories, the "Sacred Dungeon of Underground Relics" in Pradera de Ceniza, and the Skull Dungeon.

I've already been assigned the topic for the December 2007-January 2008 holiday double issue, so please watch out for that one ^^

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