Friday, November 23, 2007

The v. 2.4.x roundup: media mash ahoy!

The Granado Espada higher-ups have certainly been teasing us with informations and tidbits about the upcoming Tropical Island / Bahia Island patch!

First, the video:

Now, here's pCM Veya's series of features on the upcoming RNPCs included with this patch:

Kurt Lyndon, Edward Jameson, and Gavin Jameson - the men of v.2.4.x

Viki - the kid of v.2.4.x

Feng Ling, Karjalainen, and Angie McKenzie - the ladies of v.2.4.x [no mention of Rosa Blanca and Selva yet, though]

Meanwhile, RCM Hrin talks about new costumes that will become available in v.2.4.x:

Viki, Catherine Summoner, and Catherine non-Summoner

Female wizard, Gracielo, and Lorch


And, bonus! The Southernsky family sneak peek at a new character class in v.2.5.x - the Bard type, as exemplified by the upcoming new RNPC Vicente Rio!

Formerly known as the Enhancer in the City of Auch ^^


NineMoons's costume wish list:





[Of course those are all female - those are for my girls in Cervantes XD]


filsimmer said...

Wow! I can say I'm hyped too about 2.4! Oh, I just can't wait to... Wait a sec! I'm just level 56! I gotta wait a little longer...

Any Christmas events? Probably a Santa Hat of sorts? Oh, what the hey! I'm just too hyped! :D

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

maybe some of the games of chance on Bahia Island can be accessed by us non-vets - it makes sense ^^ better chances to gain good stuff after all.

a Christmas in-game event would be a great idea. Santa hats are standard, like in RO. maybe GE could be different, like a Wreath accessory for the back or summat ^^