Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing SEA / ANZ Granado Espada Hangaroo

GranadoEspada Hangaroo

Click here to download Version 1.0 and read the rules of the game.

So people have been "yelling" at me [virtually, anyway], saying that my Granado Espada-based version of Hangaroo is a wee bit difficult.

...Well, I'm not going to say that Hangaroo is easy. This is already a specialized version, and all you have to do is get your brain into GE gear to have a better chance at beating it.

[Try playing the ORIGINAL version, with over 200,000 phrases covering everything from movies to American history and culture to famous people and places all over the world, and know how difficult the game really is.]

Ever watch or play the American game show Wheel of Fortune? In the final round of that game, the final contestant is given about 30 seconds to guess a short word, usually 5-8 letters in length. The letters R S T L N E and an additional three consonants and one vowel, provided by the contestant, are revealed IF they are in the final puzzle.

Now, why R S T L N E? These are the most frequently-occuring consonants and vowel in the English language. I use those letters first whenever I'm answering the standard Hangaroo phrases, and usually I can get at least one of them to help me solve the phrase.

In GE phrases, however, the language, and thus the distribution of letters, is a little bit different. The more frequently appearing vowels seem to be A and I, instead of E - so I suggest you start with those. Once you've got the vowels, it gets easier to guess the letters that surround them in each word. As for consonants, R and S still seem to be the most frequent ones popping up, so use them as often as you can.

It also helps if you pay attention to the game itself when you're playing. Take a moment to check out the name of the mob you're killing, the item that dropped from it, the map you're in, and the stuff you carry in your inventory. Don't memorize, though! Just pay attention, and let the names sink into the back of your head, so you can quickly recall them for use with the GE version of Hangaroo.

Enjoy the game ^^

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