Sunday, January 6, 2008

Colony Wars update: a fresh start - and new struggles!

No results were released for last night's Beta elections, natch, but isn't it exciting to think that the imminent elections, the colony reset, and the New Year have combined to bring Colony Wars in Cervantes server back to life?

Here's the map of Granado Espada in said server, after tonight's action-packed Colony Wars session:


Congratulations to WrathOfGod, GuardsOfHonour, Vradical, and Halcyon factions for acquiring and defending their colonies!

Special mention should also be made for, among others, new factions such as Ragnarok, LeGend™ph, and EclipseosUmbra; and Illuminati faction, who have made a comeback!

Here's the list of factions which declared war on each other; lines marked "truced" mean the truce was declared during the actual CW period.

Vradical v DCArebirth™ - truced, then re-declared war
LeGend™ph v Vradical - truced
EclipseosUmbra v Vradical - truced
EclipseosUmbra v Fukkatsu
EclipseosUmbra v Cupid
GrandLodge v Ragnarok
FallenAngels v Ragnarok
MyGE v WrathOfGod
WrathOfGod v Ragnarok
Illuminati v GuardsOfHonour - truced
GuardsOfHonour v Ragnarok - truced
EclipseosUmbra v Ragnarok - truced
GuardsOfHonour v DCArebirth™ - truced
LeGend™ph v GuardsOfHonour - truced
Requiem v Vradical - truced
Requiem v GuardsOfHonour - truced
WrathOfGod v GuardsOfHonour - truced
GuardsOfHonour v Illuminati
KauBaBiJue v Vradical

[This list may be incomplete - I might have missed some declarations and/or truces because I was warping between colonies. If I have missed anything, please comment and I'll update, with full credit to you. Thanks~ ^^]


Notes from WrathOfGod:

As this session followed the first colony reset of the year, the faction were all ordered to get ready to attack the following target colonies: Scorching Plateau, El Canon de Diabolica, Via Fluvial, Topolo Durga, Bonavista River, and Ferruccio Junction. The first five colonies were of higher priority.

The veterans assembled into two squads for both attack and defense; while the non-veterans were grouped into one squad. As my main team is Level 77, I had to join the latter team, which was first instructed to take the colony at El Canon de Diabolica.

And who said this one would be easy, when scouts from Illuminati faction were spotted on that map even as the Colony Wars began?

WrathOfGod holding at El Canon, just before the Colony Wars.

WrathOfGod v Illuminati, and the opponents brought a Takion to the party! [It's the big shape next to the colony spire.]

The Takion brings its backup, a Steel Ararat. Both summons were Level 101 or so, controlled by a vet Viki.

Speaking of which, that kid is going to be a major factor in CW, I can feel it. His "pets" bring tremendous damage and hella lag - sure things to tick off one's opponents!

Our squad got wiped and Illuminati took possession of the colony; we were then ordered to regroup at Bonavista River, and help the attacking team already there to take out the colony.

Assault on the Bonavista colony.


In the meantime, the vet squads had already taken over the colonies at Scorching Plateau, Topolo Durga, and Via Fluvial. With the initial colonies taken, we all returned to El Canon en masse, and went after the Illuminati defenders with a vengeance.

I can't remember whose side that Treasure Golem was on, but it sure helps make an impressive screenshot.

UPDATE Commenter DarkSurferio [a fellow WrathOfGod member] confirms that the Treasure Golem was on our side. Thanks~!

We finally managed to retake El Canon from Illuminati. In the meantime, the veterans' squads had also managed to grab the Ferruccio Junction colony from Ragnarok faction, its initial owners - and that meant WrathOfGod had regained possession of the six colonies we'd had before the reset~

UPDATE I neglected to mention that previous to WrathOfGod taking over the Ferruccio Junction colony, it had been under the aegis of GuardsOfHonour faction. Thanks to commenter Eclipsing for pointing this out.

Over the course of the session, we all had to warp back from one occupied colony to another to help defend from would-be usurpers; in my case, I bopped back and forth between El Canon and Bonavista as the colonies were attacked again and again by Illuminati and MyGE factions, respectively.

If the elections had been "real" and not a beta test, our faction leader aLKayeL would now be the Chancellor of Granado Espada in Cervantes, as we have the most colonies right now ^^ It's a fun dream, and a goal to work towards come February [and the official start of the elections].

Job well done to all, and let's all meet up again next week for defense!


DarkSurferio said...

Hehe, that treasure golem was one of us in the last ss. :P Viki don't have the cancel skill so it kinda caused everyone alot of lag, lol.. ^^;

filsimmer said...

Wow! That's nice to hear that the CW got a fresh scenario.

The Treasure Golem shot IS impressive! Reminds me of Lego blocks! :D

NineMoons Family said...

@ darksurferio

hi there ^^ and welcome

thanks for the information. there was so much going on at el canon that i temporarily lost track of whose summons were whose ^^ and yeah, lag much? XD

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

oh it was SO exciting~ things started getting active just before the session started, and then it just got messy when wars were declared in rapid succession, whew~

and yes, that Treasure Golem! Viki will soon become a CW MVP, if only for the power of his summons.....

aLKayeL said...

I wish I could write as well as you T_T

NineMoons Family said...

@ alkayel takes a lot of practice, boss ^^ i believe in what Stephen King said: writing is a skill not a talent, anyone can do it if they're willing to put in a lot of time ^^

Eclipsing said...

"We finally managed to retake El Canon from Illuminati. In the meantime, the veterans' squads had also managed to grab the Ferruccio Junction colony from Ragnarok faction, its initial owners - and that meant WrathOfGod had regained possession of the six colonies we'd had before the reset~"

Its initial owners was Ragnarok, then GuardsOfHonour, and you all took from us. By not mentioning your colony being claimed from us, it seems there isn't any due respect for us at all. Please make the changes in your post. Thanks.

NineMoons Family said...

@ eclipsing

i've corrected the post.

but let me reiterate that the faction keeps its own blog at so you can air your faction's concerns with my faction's leaders - they own that blog, after all. thank you.