Monday, January 7, 2008

Today's assorted dribs and drabs

Granado Espada events in the Philippines this week

12 January - IP e-Games Evolution goes to SM Megamall. Stay tuned for more details on this one - I just got the heads-up from Ms. Ivee the other day. It's not yet on the IP e-Games main site either, but I'm guessing it will soon be.

UPDATE Oops, this Saturday gig is off. Got official word from Ms. Ivee. Please update your calendars appropriately.

13 January - Philippine Online Gaming Summit at TriNoMa, hosted by Game! Magazine. IP e-Games will be hosting special Granado Espada-themed events at this one. Get a chance to win a Nintendo Wii or a complete gaming PC rig. Your copy of either the November 2007 or the December 2007-January 2008 issues of Game! Magazine serves as your ticket to enter this gaming event.

...I'll be at both, LOL. See you there.

A quick training session for two of my Cervantes alts


While continuing the many item-gathering quests for Viki, I decided to take two of my favorite RNPCs out for a spin with my scout: Shahnti, my Grace Bernelli; and Ichigiku, my Adelina Esperanza. After a few hours of grinding, the picture above is the result.

Family information:
Team - NineMoons in Cervantes
Levels - 77 / 36 / 37
Members - Aurana, full support scout / Shahnti, double-pistol Grace Bernelli / Ichigiku, double-sabre Adelina Esperanza

I blew a lot of money on those weapons XD - they're all uniques!

Props from RCM Hrin

Read RCM Hrin's thoughts on her stay in WrathOfGod faction here.

We were all so happy for her on Boxing Day when she finally made vet ^^

In the next post:
How to make some of the needlessly expensive metal-based forging items!

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