Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Picspam: presents to start the New Year right

I've got a bit of a sick day today and am not feeling well. I'll try to log in to Granado Espada later, but I really want to rest and recover because I've got a hectic four days starting tomorrow. So, mostly screenshots today. If you're on dialup, please be patient and wait for the pictures to load.

I got a very welcome surprise in my email yesterday: a belated set of in-game Christmas presents, from a very kind and mysterious benefactor! ^^ They were very welcome and I'm very grateful for receiving them.

First up, a Lv84 Elite Ring Mail - before and after I did the +4:



I also received a Blue Samurai Costume for my female fighter Tuon.

She looks smashing! Now if only I had my faction mate's luck and could find that matching Samurai Helmet, and those flags for her back.... ^^

UPDATE Oops. I didn't know that the Samurai Helmet was for guys only, and that the Samurai Flags were for gals only. Thanks to Mena for the correction!

Thank you so much to my mysterious benefactor, for these and the other presents ^^


Next, some plugging from the Shameless Self-Promotion Department. The December 2007-January 2008 issue of Game! Magazine is out, and as usual, here are the covers.

Front cover:

And the OTHER front cover, which you can view by turning the issue over and around:
Ooh shiny~!

I repeat, that's NOT an alternative cover; the issue really does have two front covers.

The image of the elementalist, fighter, and Angie forms a really nifty "lid" for a special IP e-Games supplement to the issue. Contents are:

- brief GE updates for the October-December events
- Dance Battle Audition's The Next Showdown patch
- Hellgate: London's character classes
- spotlight on GE's Premium Item Mall

As you might have figured out while reading the two GE articles, the deadline fell way before 20 December - therefore there are no details about Witches of Bahamar / Bahia Island, and many of the new items on offer at the Item Mall are missing.

Either this issue or the November one [cover shown below] will serve as your ticket to Sunday's Philippine Online Gaming Summit at TriNoMa.


Hope to see you all there~


filsimmer said...

Just a little clarification:

Samurai Helmets are for Male Fighters only while the Back Flags are for the ladies only.

It says so on that Doratomo/Sannpomiti site. Check it out.

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

thanks for the correction - edited now ^^