Thursday, January 10, 2008

Props, POGS, and...Dark Horse Award~

Whoa, I've been blogging nearly every day since the New Year began... @.@ [and I'm still sick at the moment *facepalm*]


Anyway. Mad mad props go to Darrick and Nate of Casa Reclusion, as between them the boys have swept a lot of machinima-related awards. Just look at this list of wins:

Darrick's workshop entry took second place in the Intel Machinimasia Workshop Best of Show awards [and got an iPod OMG!].

And Nate's entry
, Wonderful New World, won first place in the Community's Choice Awards!

Watch Wonderful New World

Between them, Darrick and Nate took home not one but TWO awards from the Fantazzztic Film Awards' Seagate Scene and Heard Week.

Their movie with
Fiksdotter, Lonely Hearts Club II, took first place [and will now be competing in the Grand Finale Week]. Oooh they got the hard drives~

Watch Lonely Hearts Club II

And their movie with me, Not Another Love Story?, won the first Dark Horse Award of the FFA. That Bracelet of Three Kings is making me want to train up my elementalist!

[Does that mean we'll have to resubmit that one for the Grand Finale week?

UPDATE No need. It's already shortlisted for the Grand Finale as well. Thanks, Hrin.]

Watch Not Another Love Story?

That's a lot of prizes, guys~ Congratulations! We're not worthy! *bows down*

Intel winners are here: Intel Machinima Awardees

Seagate Scene and Heard winners are here: Winners of Seagate Scene and Heard Week

Good job, all.


Anyone interested in joining this?


Rules at pCM Veya's blog.


darrick said...

Congrats to Us!!!

NineMoons Family said...

@ darrick

hells yeah!

aLKayeL said...

Woot! Congrats! :)

NineMoons Family said...

@ alkayel

thank you!

[have you seen the movie?]


Anonymous said...

good job ninemoons ^^,

congratz to your team hehehe

DeSanggria said...

hoi congrats sa inyo!!! you guys rock!!!

NineMoons Family said...

@ deespania

thank you!

@ desanggria

kasama ka sa group, in spirit - so, WE all rock~!

Zaleski said...

Gratz to the Dark Horse Award !!

You guys really deserved it ^-^

and hope to see new and Fantazzic film coming next week.

NineMoons Family said...

@ zaleski

thanks~ you guys did a great job too!

next week's films should be exciting ^^