Sunday, June 1, 2008

Takhisis: the Brave and the Bold

WARNING Lots of pictures! But please do wait for them to load - they're fun and worth the wait.

Bonus points to you if you get the reference in the post title ^^

And so Takhisis Faction found itself marooned in a sea of humanity the day the members went out to celebrate its first anniversary. Sure, we're like a week and a half late, but you know how the old saying goes....

Words cannot express how the entire National Capital Region must've heard that it was our anniv EB and showed up in droves and schools and herds and I'mrunningoutofcollectivewordsherehalp at the Mall of Asia yesterday. Okay, there was supposed to be the final night of this year's World Pyro Olympics [super fireworks festival and boom-off], and since it was 31 May all the school kids wanted to get their shopping done, and it was the weekend after salaries were given out, and ... after that, I got nothin'.

But here's the intrepid group of Luzon TK members who did manage to meet up:

Hail hail the gang's all here. Standing, left to right: Rosso [my partner and a special guest ^^], Whiteships [our resident Feng Ling cosplayer], Lecat [the head XD], Fiksdotter, Nicotina, and RoseChavez. Sitting, left to right: Winterlake, NineMoons, Romanovna [yes, I know that's Nate Reclusion XD], and AlphaOmega.

There was also a simultaneous TK EB for the members in Mindanao, and I'll be adding the pics and details as soon as I get them. [Plz send me pics, VargasII!]

After a fair amount of time waiting for everyone to arrive - during which we ran into members of Outcasts faction, also out for a meet-up - we managed to draw up our plans for the day: food, fireworks, and ... KARAOKE!

My partner Rosso and I took the gang out for freshly cooked meals at one of our favorite places to eat at the Mall of Asia, Taste Asia. It was only after all the food got to our L-shaped table that we realized two things: 1) we were all ravenous by then and 2) we had all practically ordered the same things - we should have just done a collective meal, hahahaha.

When we tried to go and find a spot to watch the fireworks festival finale for free [w00t alliteration FTW], though, not only were practically all the people in the mall already jockeying for positions, but also it started to drizzle periodically. As TK is not big on getting wet and/or getting sick, we repaired to a TimeZone for games and karaoke.

Picking songs to sing for TK is serious business. Left to right: AlphaOmega, Mitchin, Lecat, NineMoons, and RoseChavez.

TK getting ready for fun with karaoke. These are two things that, in retrospect, should NEVER NEVER NEVER have been allowed to meet - but hey! A lot of fun was had by all! And hell I nearly ruptured something several times I was laughing so hard and having so much fun.

Takhisis Big Boss Fiksdotter gets the party started with Livin' La Vida Loca! [Seriously!]

Mitchin takes his singing to the next level.

NineMoons and Fiksdotter, with Romanovna under his cap.

Lecat sings his heart out.

Who knew Feng Ling could kick ass at karaoke too? Whiteships FTW ^^

Yes, TK had special guests at our EB. Sandwiched between Whiteships and the singing RoseChavez is none other than Kincaid of OC. And that's Lecat making the scene ^^

Fiksdotter clowns around with our guest from Covenant, Rivendel.

Romanovna and Kincaid duet on, believe it or not, When You Believe.

AlphaOmega brings the house down with Pare Ko! Fiksdotter looks REAL happy, doesn't he?

Rivendel: sign the man up for the next season of Pinoy Idol!

Romanovna's show-stopping performance ends the karaoke night!

I will update this post with links and further pictures as I was far from the only person there with a digicam.

Long Live Takhisis! Let's stay together!


DeSanggria said...


rivendel is not from OC but from Covenant. haha. wasak na ba? nasobrahan yata sa karaoke. hehehe.

what a fun post!! nakakatuwa naman ang EB ng TK.

twas even fun last night gang raping teh phaggots. >:) u should've been here. it was motherfarkin' EPIC!

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

fixed now. di naman ako sabog - just got confused because there were mentions of Covenant in OC, and then Covenant as a standalone faction - naguluhan lang po. tao lang.

couldn't go online because i needed to SLEEP. bukas and Wednesday i'll be on the whole day, though.

Mikee Stiles said...

Ay nakO!

Buti sa Mangaholix ako pumunta or else naexpose na ang sing and dance number ko ng Britney

*chareng chareng break the ice hah hah hah hah*

Nine Moons said...

@ stiles

ah so you were at mangaholix!

sana nakasama ka pa rin. lahat naman kami masayang nagkalat sa karaoke eh ^^

Neo Rivendel said...

Hello thanks po for accomodating me or us that time... ^_^

Kincaid said...

weee~ hehehe can i grabby the peechures and post them at me frendster? thankies in advance :D

weeee~ sana maulit haha naadik sa karaoke.

Nine Moons said...

@ neo rivendel

sana nag-enjoy po kayo. sa uulitin? XD

@ kincaid

sige po, help yourself.

TK, OC and Cov: needs MOAR karaoke y/y?

Fiksdotter said...

thanks a lot to those who attend.