Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things NineMoons needs to do this week

To do:

- Buy A TON of GVCs and have my friendly neighborhood shop sell them.

- Do a full Technology Feature write-up on the Pinoy gamer girls phenomenon + the all-Pinoy gaming group experience.

- Write that Boss Raids article for the August print edition of Game! Magazine.

- Make level 64 or 65 make that 68 so I can use all the nifty armor I stockpiled already dammit.


My off-hours life is nothing but seaGE, even when I'm being tempted on all sides to try some other game. How some people can ever interpret that as being nothing but shameless self-promotion, lack of responsibility, or reckless and destructive action that goes against the game, I have NO idea at all.

[Excuse the mini-rant. It's just that I had to wait until my head was sufficiently cool before I could even attempt to get it off my chest.]

[And sorry for the mixed metaphor.]

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