Monday, July 28, 2008

At Long Last: VETERANS!

Yes, it took me a long time to get there, but I finally have a proudly Veteran team.

Presenting the NineMoons Family main team in Carracci server, happy to get some fresh air after a month cooped up with the skellies in Skullic Dungeon 1:

Note the UI bars at the bottom of the screen. I took this screenshot just before they were promoted.

Promotion to Veteran status prompts a little bust-a-move session - Andre approves! And then there's all the new equipment ^^

Next up for leveling to Veteran is likely my Catherine the Summoner, Luhne.


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DeSanggria said...

gratz gratz!

finally vet na! hehehe. time for you to enjoy raids. :)

or maybe you may wanna work on the baron quest for your access to l337 92 stuff. :D

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria


i'll do the baron quest in future, when my dear martial artists need the really uber EQ ^^

Blane Family said...

nice to see you are finally a vet and congrats, will u ever come back to Cervantes=)..

Nine Moons said...

@ blane

can't quite come back to Cervantes yet, sorry. i found out that some of the people who didn't like me are still there. can't really stay long in a PK server when you've got enemies, can i? ^^ hope you understand.