Thursday, July 24, 2008

50K Hits Contest - LIVE!

[No one responded to the Contest Teaser? But I really did have a prize for it! Oh well, that's closed now.]

NineMoons's 50,000 Hits Screenshot Prompt Contest

Okay, this is the real deal, kids - there are real prizes up for grabs here!

1. To enter, submit a
response to any one, or all, of the featured screenshots for each contest period.

Responses may take the form of: answering screenshots, modifications to the original featured screenshot/s, short fiction, videos, dialogue, jokes, derived banners / posters / buttons, and basically anything else you can think of to respond to the featured screenshot.

Be creative! Think about what the character/s in each screenshot might really be doing! Be funny~!

2. The contest will run for a period of three weeks. Each week will have different featured screenshots to
respond to.

3. The deadline for submissions for each contest week will be Wednesday night at precisely 2359 Singapore time. See the contest timetable below for details.

Contest begins: 24 July
First week: 24 - 30 July
Second week: 31 July - 6 Aug
Third week: 7 - 13 Aug
Winners announced: 14 August

4. Prizes for all weeks will include in-game items. In addition, the contest winner for the third week will receive a special, real-life prize from me.


Okay, that's it for the rules. Let's have it for this week's featured screenshots!

50K Hits Contest Week 1 - 01
Featuring Ravashi the elementalist, Anjali the Angie, and Matrim the Viki from the NineMoons Family barracks in Cervantes.

50K Hits Contest Week 1 - 02
Featuring Anjali the Angie and Xue the Feng Ling, again from the NineMoons Family barracks in Cervantes.

50K Hits Contest Week 1 - 03
Featuring Chimal the wizard, Aurana the scout, and Tuon the fighter, the main NineMoons Family team in Cervantes.

There will be three prizes to be given away, one for each of the featured screenshots.

All right, take it away, kids! Your contest deadline for this first week is 2359 of Wednesday, July 30 - so get cracking!


Scarlette said...

I've made some quick responds, I couldn't find anything else to do >.>
So here they are.

Yep, best of luck to everyone!

Scarlette said...

Whoops, sorry twice, why does the link not show?
Maybe this would

Sorry again

Xei said...


my entry hehe hope ya like it

DeSanggria said...

hahaha nice one thanie! >:D

Nine Moons said...

@ Scarlette

they look good ^^

@ xei

you are sooooo evil!

@ desanggria

seconded. hoy, hindi ka ba sasali?

keep 'em coming, kids ^^