Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hengestones Redux

The original guide to Hengestones by ahb0i - requires a SEA / ANZ GE Forums account to view

I have permission to link ahb0i's original guide, so here is my entry for the Hengestones: What are Hengestones? A guide and a list of rewards

Having recently come within striking distance of Veteran status, I decided to take a little time last night and today to finally complete the Hengestones quest, and find the 34 already found on the map of Granado Espada.

Well, actually, I only found 33. The annoying holdout is the Hengestone allegedly located in the niche at the right side of the stairs leading to the Nimrod Bridge just outside the Port of Coimbra. The problem with finding that Hengestone, you see, is that it might be "time oriented" - you can only access it at certain times. I waited there for about twenty minutes and the Hengestone was still doing its imitation of Invisible Stalker - so I gave up and went on to Jezebel Glen.

The Hengestones are scattered across the world, and there are supposed to be 50 of them, but the remaining 16 have yet to be found.

I can only speculate about the locations of the final 16; they may well be on even higher-level maps since the list in ahb0i's guide is arranged by increasing order of level needed to access the map, and it stops dead at Skullic Dungeon 3. Some of the remaining Hengestones may well be at the following map locations:

- Capybara Plantation / Toubkal Mines
- Katovic Snowfields region
- Bahamas Swamps
- the forthcoming Chaos Requiem maps

We'd really appreciate it if someone could help us find the remaining 16 Hengestones...can someone scout the Vet- and Expert-level maps for these?

Anyway, here's the aforementioned Hengestone in Skullic Dungeon 3. I used my wizard to complete the 33 Hengestones since he could fly - meaning faster travel time, and most land-based mobs were going to miss him.

34th hengestone
Radhanon NineMoons and the 33rd Hengestone.

Observations from doing the Hengestones quest:

- Touching a Hengestone allows your character/s to immediately regenerate all HP and SP. It took me a while to notice that, and only because Radhanon was in Levitation stance, which meant that I was trying to keep an eye on his SP for the required hits of Soul Liquor necessary to keep him aloft.

- Yes, that Skullic Hengestone is differently shaped, and it seems to have something written on it. Couldn't decipher the writing because I was running on low graphics specs; I will try to visit the Hengestone again on a more powerful PC and see what the writing says.

- For the most part, Hengestones tend to be located near walls and map edges; two of the exceptions that I can remember off the top of my head are the Hengestone in Porto Bello Desolate Cliff and the Hengestone in Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus. Both of those are standing smack in the middle of map areas.

- The rewards for the quest don't seem to have changed much from the old days of the beta testing periods and the early commercial phase. Many of those rewards might have been valuable then, but definitely not so now. Would it be too much to ask for a reevaluation - and re-valuation - of the rewards? I mean, rings are easier to get now via ABS, and some of the rewards are just throwaway stuff. Better rewards plz ^^

Do try doing this quest - if only for the way it allows one to familiarize oneself with the zone and world maps, especially when you have to get to certain maps....

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