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Most of the information in this post - specifically the locations of the Hengestones - were taken from this thread on the forums.

Original poster ahb0i is still asking for help compiling the list of Hengestone locations, though, so please help him out if you can.


I think by now people have noticed that extra NPC soldier standing in the Office of Pioneering Support in Cite de Reboldoeux; her label is "Hengestone Soldier / Officer". When you talk to her, she talks about the discovery of numerous mysterious stones throughout Granado Espada, which have been dubbed Hengestones.

The objective of the quest she gives is to catalogue the Hengestones. There are 50 of them scattered throughout the world, all taking the form of stone pillars. They're usually tucked in a corner of the map, standing against some wall or another; and the cursor turns into the dialogue box when you mouse over them.

If you don't have the quest, the stone pillars will simply have a caption that says "Mysterious power is being given off by the stone pillar" or something similar.

If you do, though, you'll get a dialogue box that says you've found X number of Hengestones, and that you should report them to the Hengestone Soldier / Officer.

For every 10 Hengestones found, your family is eligible to claim rewards. Apparently the rewards get better and and better the more of them you find - I'll update when ahb0i does, or when I find the next ten.

No one is quite sure yet of the requirements to activate the quest, as the posters in the thread give different levels for when they started the quest. Personally, the NineMoons family on Cervantes was 37-37-36 when it began the Hengestones quest, with family reputation 375 [this seems to be a factor in activation].

Here are the locations of 34 Hengestones, arranged in order of difficulty of the map on which they are found. All coordinates correspond to those on the Zone Maps [press Alt + Z to view it and the coordinates].

Queen's Gate I2, at the top right most corner of minimap
Stone Pit C2, near Jack's house [1-4]
Ferructio Junction H9, hiding in the small ledge [4-7]
Al Quelt Moreza H7, near the fountain [7-10]
Al Quelt Moreza Nartex b/w D8 and C8, behind one of the pillars [10-12]
Cathari Falls F9, SW bottom of cliff [17-19]
King's Garden F6, walk down slope and turn left [19-22]
Tetra Hill H9, Cave room where you can go to the other super high lvl area [22-24]
Tetra Ruins F9, in a very small corner at the side of the ruined building [24-26]
Coimbra Nimrod Bridge I3, in the nook at the side of the left stairs, possibly time oriented
Jezebel Glen H6, near colony orb [34-36]
Porto Bello G6, next to waypoint [36-38]
Porto Bello Deck J6, 2nd last square room [38-41]
Porto Bello Deserted Quay E1, next to gateway to Desolate Cliff [46-48]
Thueringenwald G4, Inside stone circle [48-50]
Porto Bello Desolate Cliff H5, about 15m away from the nearest cliffs [48-53]
El Lago de Tres Hermanas I7, NW edge under hill [50-53]
Theuringen Lakeside D6, across the river of the golden well
Dr. Torsche's Mansion: Savage Garden G3, On the side of the mansion [53-55]
El Tejado Verde F8 [55-60]
Pradera de Ceniza E3 [60-62]
Rion Prairie H3 [62-65]
Bonavista River F5, positioned in one narrow corner [65-67]
The Crater of Joaquin H7, top of the middle crater [65-70]
Lava Plateau of Joaquin F2, Right next to waypoint [70-72]
Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus E5, in the middle of a circle marking [72-74]
El Canon de Diabolica G2, next to cliffs [78-85]
El Ruina Memoria E9 [???]
Vegas Javier F2 [???]
Ustiur, Zona Uno G6/G7, within the trees [??-86]
Ustiur Zona Dos E11 [level 86 above]
Lago Celeste E3 [???]
Rio Albi I7 [87-90]
Skull Dungeon Level 3 C6 [94~97]

That's 34 of 50 Hengestones mapped so far by ahb0i and the contributors to the guide, as seen in the thread.

Now, for the rewards. If you're able to find your first 10 Hengestones, you can choose your reward from among the following:

Megaphone x 50
Toolset Box x 50 [for people with Construction RNPCs and/or a Summoner / Marionette Catherine]
Enchantment Chip Lv. 68 x 3
EXP Card Lv. 30 x 9
Warp Scroll x 20
Elemental Orb x 50
Golden Coupon x 2

The rewards lists for obtaining 20-50 Hengestones were contributed by forum member Locke.

20 Hengestones:

Cinquedea x 1
EXP Card lv.40 x 9
Hellfire Bracelet x 1
Unicorn Rod x 1
.34 Cal. Brown Bess x 1
Enchantment Chip lv.72 x 3
Knight Sword x 1

30 Hengestones:

Violent Shooting Star +1 ring x 1
Staff of Night x 1
Bellem's Box x10
Jambiya x 1
EXP Card lv.60 x 9
Enchantment Chip lv.76 x 3
Studded Leather Armor x1

40 Hengestones:

Raging Hell +1 ring x 1
Mystic Amber x 10
Platinum Coupon x 2
Rod of Darkness x 1
Persqabz x 1
Enchantment Chip lv.80 x 3
Naranja e Presto x 1

All 50 Hengestones:

R.I.P. +1 ring x 1
Mystic Amber x 10
Bellem's Box x 10
Diamond Coupon x 1
Albaes x 1
Enchantment Chip lv.84 x 3
Bracelet of Neptune x 1

Good luck to everyone starting the quest - and don't forget to contribute the locations of any new Hengestones to ahb0i for his guide!!!


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