Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now here is something I have never done before...

NineMoons Family wiz-staff

...Have a wizard who carries a Staff instead of a Rod.

I'm now leveling Chimal's Illusionist stance to go with that, because of the almighty and powerful skill of...Invisible Stalker!!!

[Invisible Stalker, essentially, allows your entire family to become invisible. They can still attack, but their family DEF stat goes down, and they cannot use skills.

Also, they're vulnerable to Scouts with the Detection skill.]

The rest of the family is good. Aurana is well on her way to mastering both First Aid and Fortitudo, while Tuon is still happily Hack and Slash-ing away at her enemies with her Ice Swords.

At level 40 I'll switch Tuon over to Heaven or Hell, for the sheer joy and firepower of pistol+sword.

Also, what the heck - why am I already Family Level 4??? (My current team is 37-37-36.) Wow, two more levels and it's time to be Baroned....


In other family news - I've obtained Grace Bernelli and Emilia Guliano for my family, and once I obtain Adelina Esperanza, I shall take time off from my regular power trio to level the new ones.

When I complete that team I'll post pictures for you.

Now I have to start saving up for their gear...hmm.....


A quick visit to the heads of the political parties results in these quick photos.

First, the Reception Room in Cite de Reboldoeux, where Princess Gabriella of the Royalists has her office.

Royalists HQ

Then, Villa de Libertad in the City of Auch, where Simon Ayende oversees the Republicans.

Republicans HQ

Incidentally, when you go to the Barracks from Ayende's office, it calls itself "Pegadilla".

However, the location that is actually named Pegadilla is in the Port of Coimbra, and it cannot be accessed!

Storyline theory: Ayende first made his headquarters in Coimbra, but after an assassination attempt or two by the Royalists, moved to Auch.

Hmm. Sounds like a good setup for a fanfic there.


Fird said...

I believe the family level is based on your character level + family rep (and some small calculations). The more character you have (whenever theyre over 20) the earlier you'll reach higher family level

NineMoons Family said...

@ fird

so that means my Bernelli, my Emilia and my Ravashi (stock female elementalist) contribute to the total....

thank you so much for clearing that up - that is very helpful indeed ^^