Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally, a summoner in the family

Talk about devotion; I had to do ALL of the Catherine quests in 2 hours just to make sure I got my very first summoner character.

Meet my summoner, Luhne, and her knight in shining armor [in this case, literally, thanks to a Plate Mail Costume], Lanthe:

A faithful guardian to watch over a summoner, just like Tidus and Yuna.

A moment of contemplation together.

My loyalty and my sword are yours.

So now I've got most of my teams set ^^ Can't wait for Bai Hu to complete the group!


winterlake said...

Congratulations on the Cath! I'm still reeling that you finished all the quests in 2 hours D= G-god Damned Intruder Alert! ^^;

filsimmer said...

Yay! Catherine quest completed! :D Welcome to the club! :D

Nine Moons said...

@ winterlake

getting to finish all the Cath quests in 2 hours was more luck than anything - i had managed to acquire all the parts beforehand. got lucky with the pelvis because someone was willing to trade a vet scroll for it.

and, yes, Victor is a pain if you're not set up for him.

@ filsimmer