Friday, September 26, 2008

[GUIDE] Convention Guide REBOOT

Inspired by, and cribbed from, Blacksword's Player's Guide to Conventions and Events.

A new version of my own elaborated Preparing for conventions etc.: Tips, Tricks, and Common Sense


So, the Granado Espada PH First Anniversary Black Party will take place tomorrow: 27 September 2008, at the SMX Convention Center, right next to the SM Mall of Asia.

Important things to remember:

No Boxer Shorts, No Slippers, and No Sandos Allowed.
And when we say "No Slippers" we really mean NO FLIP-FLOPS. Doesn't matter what brand they are, they're still not allowed. Take a lesson from that faction what showed up at Dom1nation II in flip-flops and wound up having to travel home just to change to proper shoes.

Wear proper, comfortable shoes instead. Take another lesson from the layout of Dom1nation II: remember that there were very few seats at the venue. If you're going to wind up doing a lot of walking and standing, do yourself a favor and wear comfortable shoes.

Wear good, comfortable clothes. Be stylish all you want, but make sure that your outfit will stand up to the general stresses of a convention: no place to sit, a good amount of walking, lots of standing up, and the occasional need to sit on the floor because there's no other way to get comfortable.

Bring a Bag.
It's a convention, there are usually things for sale, and you do not want to be left juggling a mass of awkward packages, especially if you want to commute home. My personal recommendation is always to carry a big backpack - you can carry it on both shoulders, leave your hands free, and carry all your purchases easily. Just be sure to keep an eye on it at all times!

Bring Extra Money.
Best to always be prepared. You never know if you need to buy food, drinks, and new toys there.

Bring Some Way to Record the Event.
Bring your trusty digital camera. Bring a camcorder if you have one. Or make sure there's plenty of room in your mobile phone to take pictures, video, and voice recordings with. It's always nice to take away some sort of memory from large gatherings like this.

Be Polite to Everyone.

Do Not Overwhelm the CM with Questions about the Server Merge.
Do I need to explain this? I'm sure he will be willing to take questions - but do not be rude, do not be angry, and do not yell.

Ladies: Dress Properly and Protect Yourselves.
Bring a companion if you can, just in case some crazies DO show up - at least then you'd have some protection. If you're by yourself, bring something like an umbrella, carry it like a club, and be aware of your surroundings.

That said: Look for me tomorrow if you want to chat. I'll be wearing a press pass and a large backpack. Let's try to enjoy tomorrow.


Richard T. Ramos said...

nyc update on the guide ^^
thumbs up!!
i think i can imagine tomorrow that your backpack will be as large as those from the bearwalker mobs ^^

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ richard

ahahahaha it's the same bag i always take to these things. sometimes it gets heavy when i get home, sometimes not.

i wish i were claire and could summon a bearwalker to carry it for me, para bagay naman ^^