Sunday, February 10, 2008

Colony Wars update: how many factions does it take to kill Dekaravia?

[Answer below.]

No one in Cervantes could complain about today's Colony Wars server being a dull one, no way! Lots of exciting action today, lots of war declarations, and most importantly - a boss met 6 factions, and much fun was had by all!

But serious stuff first: although a mass of different factions launched attacks against each member of the WrathOfGod-Vradical-Halcyon alliance, the three factions prevail once again in Granado Espada [Cervantes]:

This map seems familiar, doesn't it? At least I can report on behalf of WrathOfGod that we have reclaimed all seven of our January colonies. I think the same goes for both Vradical and Halcyon as well.

And now for the very surprising list of war declarations, featuring names both familiar and new, in various combinations of aggression and peace:

ForeverVN v HolyOrder [declared shortly before Colony War session]
DCArebirth™ v WrathOfGod
Halcyon v CARNAGE*
WrathOfGod v GuardsOfHonour
Vradical v GuardsOfHonour
WrathOfGod v CARNAGE
Vradical v CARNAGE [truced]
Halcyon v GuardsOfHonour
Cupid v FallenAngels [truced]
ForeverVN v Vradical
Cupid v Insomnia
BlackSociety v Halcyon
Vradical v FallenAngels
Discipline v Insomnia
WrathOfGod v ForeverVN
Halcyon v ForeverVN
FallenAngels v Halcyon
FallenAngels v WrathOfGod
ReBirth v CARNAGE** [truced]
Vradical v Insomnia
CARNAGE v Insomnia

* - Yes, here begins the long-awaited return of CARNAGE faction into the Colony Wars. They are still recruiting as of the moment.
** - I put a star on this one because it was pretty surprising, given that ReBirth were initially formed by ex-CARNAGE members.

As usual, if I've missed any declarations or truces due to lag / warping, please comment here and I will update the entry, with credits to you. [Remember that only declarations and truces taking effect DURING the session will be entertained.]


Notes from WrathOfGod:

There were worries that there might not be enough people online tonight due to holidays, exams, and other obligations for many of the critical personnel of the faction, so plans were made cautiously to begin with - until everyone tumbled back in just in time and the strategy was out: get all seven colonies back! It was going to be a tall order and accordingly, we had to follow a battle plan, and do it with dispatch, timing and pizazz into the bargain.

I joined the squad that was to attack Topolo Durga first, while two other squads went after Via Fluvial and Scorching Plateau at the same time.

Getting ready to claim Topolo Durga.

It took a while to do it, and we had to fend off the harassment from members of DCArebirth™ while we were at it. We eventually managed to take the first three colonies.

We retook the colony at El Canon de Diabolica from GuardsOfHonour, bounced back to Topolo as
DCArebirth™ kept up their hit-and-run tactics, and then hoofed it to Porto Bello Deserted Quay to engage CARNAGE.


In the meantime, other squads had taken the Ferruccio Junction colony from its ForeverVN attackers, and staked our claim on Bonavista River.

The defenders at Ferruccio Junction.

Finally, there was a general call to the three-faction alliance: Halcyon was requesting for assistance at the colony at the Old Port of Coimbra. Accordingly, many families streamed in to bolster the defense. Both BlackSociety and ForeverVN were besieging the colony, and more of them were coming in with each moment. Even other factions such as ReBirth had showed up to fight.

In the midst of this chaos, someone offered to lure Dekaravia to the colony - to help defend, perhaps, and to take out the enemy, most certainly.

The answer to the question in the subtitle is, NONE!

Dekaravia: I can has colony nao?
Vrad-WOG-Halc / Black-Forever / ReB: OMGWTFBBQpwned. *collective face-fault*

Yup, Dekaravia and his minions got the drop on ALL SIX factions represented at the Old Port, Cursed the lot of us, and left us all taking nice long dirt naps.

[The subtitle to this entry, as you can see, is based on CCB™'s joke in the screenshot.]

Good lord that was certainly a Colony Wars session to remember! And next week it's defense, as the many new factions [not to mention the returning CARNAGE] attempt to wrest colonies of their own!


Inazuki said...

Well, we did kill Deka once... Pretty tough guy once he starts mass-cursing.

DG said...

The Dekaravia boss was lured by my fellow squad member. I confess it was a lame and lazy way to defend a colony, but it sure was entertaining. Just lie back, relax and see the attackers get pwned under the beautiful sunset. ^^

filsimmer said...

Like what rococo posted, you would have been spared if your level was 84 or below! Dekaravia's Curse only works if your level is higher than 84 but that boss just keeps whacking at me when he sees me at the Old Port! :(

NineMoons Family said...

@ Inazuki

we did? man, i was so lagged last night at every colony that i just count myself lucky to have gotten relevant screenshots... yay for us though!

@ dg

it really was a barrel of laughs, and i don't mean to be ironic or sarcastic! it was just a great experience....

@ filsimmer

see dg's comment above as to why deka was lured to the colony in the first place - mostly for fun, and in an attempt to get some assistance at the swamped colony. we just didn't know it would backfire in such epic and hilarious fashion LOL!