Sunday, October 19, 2008

A GE Gamer Girls Meeting at e-Games

It was, rather ironically, Blacksword who called my attention to a posting in the SEA / ANZ Granado Espada forums on the second day of the Server Merge.

[Blacksword, of course, is a guy ^^]

e-Games is hosting a Focus Group Discussion for its female gamers! This forum thread was posted by GM Phryzea, a/k/a Grantoza in Rembrandt.

So I signed up, and got the details. Which meant that I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 6am - on a
weekend - and run off across the city to this Focus Group Discussion. The GE group was to be accommodated during the first session [of four], and it was to start at 10am.

Who else showed up?

Serpentes [a/k/a Hahaziah]

CM Jes, a/k/a GM Amethy
CM Aethrin [okay, he's a guy, but since he's the CM for GE....]
GM Phryzea [the aforementioned Grantoza family]
GM Makadesh
GM Chromium
GM Faiga

The session was supposed to have been shared with the gamer girls who played another e-Games-distributed game,
Supreme Destiny, but it turned out that the GE players were the only ones who turned up, and not all of them besides. All of us attendees came from Rembrandt; the registrants from Bach seemed to be unable to make it.

We had the discussion solely to ourselves, and we talked about how GE could be better improved. To answer the always-thorny problem of GVC availability in the country, the e-Games people told us that they were finally in the last stages of putting together the process to be able to convert their own e-Points to GE's G-points. Apparently they'll be going public with this soon, denominations and all; they were at least able to claim it'll be up by November or so.

To answer the question of having more PH events both in-game and in real life, CM Aethrin mentioned that he had already turned in a list of suggested events [likely to both his bosses and to IAH, I guess]; GM Amethy said that by 25 October they'd start an all-new provincial tour, called "Road to Domination" or something like that.

They asked us what it would take for us to cosplay at events. We all looked at each other and held out our hands in a local gesture that means "money"! They wound up suggesting a quid-pro-quo scheme: show up in our own costumes, made at our own expense - which would be compensated by in-game items. We were pretty much unanimous in asking that if we were to be given items, the items should at least have some use to us in-game....

They gave us some tokens of appreciation for showing up - Field Manuals and 20 x Adelina's Booty Searches apiece - and also raffled off some prizes, including the rare and coveted GE ID laces / lanyards, GE mousepads, and a stuffed-toy version of the
Ran Online mob "Hooligan". I got a mousepad, and it has Grace Bernelli on it ^^ They also gave us posters for The Requiem.

I think at some point we asked if e-Games would be distributing the actual DVDs of the Version 2.9 installer [as shown by RCM Hrin here] - they said they would. I hope so - I'd like to get my hands on one of those!

Okay, quick pics:

From right to left: NineMoons, ryuuosha, Serpentes, Clairemont, GM Phryzea a/k/a Grantoza, and GM Makadesh. [Oops, bunny ears!]

From left to right: GM Amethy, CM Aethrin, Niji, Skeffington, and Hargrove.

Seated, from left to right: Clairemont, Serpentes, and ryuuosha. Standing, from left to right: GM Phryzea, GM Faiga, NineMoons, GM Amethy, Hargrove, Skeffington, and Niji.

At the close of the discussion, we all promised we'd get together again; GM Amethy insisted it'd be a real event next time, and not just a Focus Group Discussion.

GE Gamer Girls Rule.


CM Jes / Amethy said...

Yey! Thanks for attending the FGD and for this blog post. ^_^

Will get in touch with you again for our plans and girl gamer activities~

Tnx tnx! =3

CM Jes / Amethy said...

Btw, I like your dimples. XD

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ cm jes

re the getting in touch: please, and thanks in advance.

re the dimples: um, thanks.