Friday, October 17, 2008

Thoughts and Impressions for After the Merge

And it looks like we all survived!

I was in Rembrandt briefly last night - why briefly? I'll explain later - and the following things really wanted to make me cheer. One, LOTS of people in Auch! For this instance, I tend to NOT complain about lag in walking around the city. It just makes me happy to see all the people there, and feel like NOW it's an MMORPG. I missed walking around in a packed-to-the-rafters town; I'm just glad my PC can handle the graphics load.

Two, LOTS of friendly broadcasts from real people! For once, the broads were overwhelmed by actual people talking about things in friendly ways, instead of those pesky RMT fools. Very heartening show.

It feels like the community makes a comeback!

Now, I couldn't stay long. What the heck happened? Well, I had numbers in my family names! I've managed to restore them now, thanks to Hrin and her tech team. I think it's safe to try the Family Name Change, since the server-application-thingummy error seems to have been resolved for the moment. Of course, NO TO IDENTITY THEFT. I'm just glad mine wasn't stolen at all.

Recent links to Hrin's blog show the following entries:

The One About The Program Lineup For October~November'08: A schedule of everything that's coming up in GE in the next few weeks. I am certainly interested in that Bai Hu costume, "Narciso", which might well be the one in this entry.

And also - a quiz show! I LOVE quiz shows!

The comments to this entry also show that with the Version 2.9 content now being readied for download to our clients, there are several ways to update the game to bring in all the content that's coming to us.

The One About V2.9 Poster & DVD Sleeves: Posters and graphics for the Version 2.9 release. At the end is a listing of sites where the Version 2.9 full client and manual patches can be downloaded; I think I'll wait for a good time to look into getting that manual patch.

I wish I could have the full DVD copy though.

I hope the servers come back online so I can go back to enjoying my actual REAL family name in-game....

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