Monday, August 18, 2008

[Fanfic] Way of the Warrior - Feng Ling and Bai Hu send letters

[Pictures of the costumes from; mention of Bai Hu's alternative costume from this thread in the forums; very rough translations from Yahoo! Babel Fish.

The costumes inspired the fanfic.]

Feng Ling

Dearest Father,

Since coming to this New World of Granado Espada it seems that I have finally mastered the last lesson you set me: a warrior's first virtue is humility. That it has taken me so long to understand shames me; that I have received its enlightenment humbles me even more.

I have been taken in by the NineMoons family. Their name makes me long for the old legends of our great nation of Katai, for the tales of the Rabbit in the Moon and the Archer who shot down the Suns. One of their members, the quiet Shandre, has taken me under her wing, helping me gain greater strength.

There is a sadness around her eyes. I asked her about her past, once. She said only that she had been through much in her life, that the past has not treated her kindly.

I think Shandre is trying to forget her past by getting others ready for the future. I am fortunate that she has decided to help me.

Recently she has taken on a few other apprentices. I think she most easily relates to Anthy, who is a musketeer like her, but has an entirely different personality. Anthy is reckless and a little clumsy, but is always ready with a kind word or a joke.

And now there is the boy from Coria, who says he is on a journey of repentance. He says his name is Garet, but will say no more. I thought him brash and boorish when he was new-come, but he is just as quiet as my new mentor - and seems to be so involved in his search for forgiveness that I hardly have the heart to ask why he is looking for it in the first place.

I will write again soon. I miss home, but I miss you and Mother most.

Your daughter Siuan

Bai Hu

To my master White Tiger, my humble salutations.

My head remains bowed in shame from my encounter with the villain Viscount Montoro. I was used to hurt other people, and it was only through the intervention of Master Fritz that I realized my mistakes.

I am now serving out the penance that he has meted to me: I must ask to be taken into a pioneer family's service in order to learn the ways of the New World. He has arranged for me to become an apprentice with the NineMoons family.

I thought that I would be asked to remain safe in the family holdings while they explored Granado Espada; instead, one of the family's leaders, the stern Shandre, has devoted her time and energy to helping me on my journey.

I am not Shandre's only student, however; she divides her seemingly endless energies between me, a musketeer named Anthy, and a girl from Katai named Siuan. Shandre says she is training us three as her successors.

Anthy is always happy and smiling; she says that training with Shandre may be hard, but it is helping her realize her dreams. Siuan says she has been set a lesson to learn and must master it; until she learns humility, she says, she cannot be a great warrior.

I am learning much on this journey of repentance. The days and nights of training are difficult, but I will continue in order to redeem myself.

Master Fritz sends his greetings.


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