Thursday, October 16, 2008

Server Merge, Day 2: All-New Colony Wars Poster!

By the time you read this, the SEA / ANZ Granado Espada servers will have gone down for the infamous and much-discussed Server Merge. Now, what do we do in order to keep our collective spirits up? NineMoons humbly submits her second offering: an ode to the all-new Colony Wars beginning right this weekend!


All deities and guardian spirits willing, the Server Merge will end tonight at 1800 Singapore time - meaning we can all rush back in and take a look around at the new Rembrandt and Bach servers.

Server Merge means one major thing for Colony Wars: EVERYONE DUKES IT OUT from now on. It's high time we get a chance to see what happens when the biggest and best CW-oriented factions collide, and the first round of hostilities begins - we hope most mightily - on Sunday.

I offer this poster to serve as a teaser for what is about to befall the wars to claim new stakes in the New World.


I hope this serves as a fitting poster to herald what is about to come, with the long-awaited clash of the server Titans nearly upon us.

Should the Server Merge finish on time and with few glitches - well, it looks like happy days are almost upon us....

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