Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Server Merge, Day 1: NineMoons Presents Granado Espada Motivational Posters I!

By the time you read this, the SEA / ANZ Granado Espada servers will have gone down for the infamous and much-discussed Server Merge. Now, what do we do in order to keep our collective spirits up? NineMoons humbly submits her series of Granado Espada motivational posters!


It's a question we ask ourselves all the time:
What do I do now? Well, allow me to suggest these ways of finding solutions to that immortal question. Ask yourself: What would my political leader do?

Are you a Royalist?

Are you a Republican?

Are you a Neutralist?

Be inspired, be motivated, and move forward, for victory!


Hope you enjoyed this entry, and please come back for the next one!

*Lights joss sticks and asks the gods to make the Server Merge go through properly*


Links, dribs, and drabs:

Since I was asked for the favor: Please drop into this forum thread by Tokoyoshi, who's come up with his new GE machinima story,
Shattered Hearts II. Links to all parts of the story + poster in this forum thread.

Now that the "Player-Organized Events Happening In..." portion of the forums has been updated to include the Bach and Rembrandt servers, I put up the very first thread in the Rembrandt sub-forum: GE PH players in Rembrandt - let's talk here ^^. Drop in and say hi when you have a moment ^^

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