Friday, September 12, 2008

The NEW Veteran!

And a little over a month after Shandre, Furyk, and Radhanon reached the Veteran mark, now comes: Anthy!


Gosh, it makes me SO proud - that stance that says she's in Outrage Shot mode, and the change in her EXP bar....

Not that it was easy, of course - it took me a few good hours, even with a one-day Expert Combat Manual on, to make it. Here's what happened en route:

I got reported as a bot. I joke not. Look at the gray text in the System chat box...and yes, the reason my musk died at that point was because I got VERY flustered at being reported. I had NOT needed to go to the Underground Prison at just that time, thank you!

My FL Blacksword suggested that it might have been some fool who wanted to take my spot - never mind that I had already been noticed in that location for a couple of days already - or someone who was doing random / griefing bot-report sweeps. Jeez. This team isn't exactly suited to botting, you know.

Anyway, my musketeer made it, just over one month after her elders did! Yay!

Special thanks to Artaxerxes for helping me over the last obstacle. That's his Catherine Summoner/Jack/elementalist team supporting me, plus a friend's Gracielo.

Now I think I'll spend some time leveling Anthy's Outrage Shot stance along with Radhanon and Furyk. Poor wizard, he's been quite bored all this time, what with being stuck in the Barracks and all....


DeSanggria said...

same here. my wiz is rotting in the barracks. LOL. if there were some useful vet stances for the wiz, he might have some use for me...

DeSanggria said...

oh btw gratz to anthy. ^^

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

the wiz did amazingly well in the first Bahamas map this morning; he made a good backup for Anthy. but i think for now I'll switch him over to helping the lowbies [Bai Hu and Feng Ling] level.

I also wish I could get him that Sakura Branch staff. I DON'T care what it makes him look like, I think it looks PRETTY! of course my luck SUCKS with those types of boxes huhuhuhu.

and Anthy says thank you. ^^

DeSanggria said...

i want the silver skullic bracer and the fairy wings.

and yeah our luck sucks. ._.

Joel Tan said...

That's the problem with bot reporting. Have a system to keep bots in check, and you still have to deal with abusers of a different kind. It's the same with Perfect World. We have witch-hunters left and right, pointing fingers, slinging mud. Proof, it seems, is equivalent to simply having doubts about another player's reputation.

Incidentally, I've been wanting to ask this for the longest time: How can you differentiate a bot from afk mode?

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ joel tan

sorry to hear that you have to deal with the same frustrations in PW.

anyway, there are several conditions to differentiate afk-ers from botters:

- usual team composition is musk-musk-scout, summoner-summoner-scout, or even just a summoner alone.

- no faction.

- names are either all in small letters, or are absolute gibberish in small letters.

- pick up EVERYTHING in sight, even your loots.

- usually do not respond to PMs, duel challenges, or even just plain being spoken to in local chat.

if a given family fulfills all of these criteria, it's likely to be a bot.