Thursday, September 11, 2008

When you've been grinding for over 14 hours straight...'s a mistake to say "It's only a nap." Because believe me, you WILL wind up sacking out for a MUCH longer time than you thought.

Which means that my dear musketeer Anthy will have to wait a few more hours, just until the end of the weekly maintenance period, before she can take the final two steps to Veteran status.

Awww, so much for that. Here's Anthy briefly trying on that Dragon Coat I bought for her.


And Anthy also briefly wielded a pair of Quattro Pinned Pistols. Each pistol adds a +1 bonus to her Double-Gun Shot skill R.I.P. So when combined with the two skill rings she already has on, this is the result: maximum overdrive.


Boy, I really want to get in the game now. I feel like I owe her something, like that stance book for Outrage Shot, just for starters.....

Your linkage for today: I want to congratulate the Futel family of Vivaldi, a proud girl gamer and GE blogger and fanartist from the Philippines, for scoring a double mention on today's SEA / ANZ GE home page: she was blogspotted for her entries to the Diego's Art Nouveau Loading Screen contest, AND her GE Gamer Girls Interview was just posted under the heading of "The One About Her Cumulonimbus".

Futel's blog: Granado Girl: Raven Futel

The blogspotted entry: New Loading Screens :P

GE Gamer Girls interview: The One About Her Cumulonimbus

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