Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calyce's Family Name REVEALED!

The source for this entry is RCM Hrin's latest blog post about the upcoming Version 2.9 of Granado Espada - and wow it is a DOOZY.

In that blog post, Hrin talks briefly about new maps and instances that pioneers can encounter in the next patch. More importantly, she mentions that one of the new RNPCs to become available will be none other than the game's first crossbow user:
Calyce Bernelli.

I guess you think that last name is familiar? Here's proof, again from RCM Hrin:

This is apparently the new version of the interior of the Pegadilla location in the Port of Coimbra, home of the mercenaries. Calyce joins mercenary guy Gerard in his office....

That last name! Amazing! I wonder what the family relationship might be. In any case, given that we already know that Calyce's storyline is in some way connected to Princess Gabriella of Vespanola, I want to know: how the heck does Grace react, knowing the immense grudge she carries against that kingdom?

There's also the question of game mechanics: Grace Bernelli carries a very high DEX, while Calyce balances both DEX and AGI. Given this, what sort of damage can she cause compared to Grace?

Let's hope that more details surrounding the lovely crossbow-wielder pop up soon!

[Man, the two of them in Coimbra - should we expect a fight between them during Calyce's recruitment quests?]

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