Sunday, October 26, 2008

Presenting: The NineMoons Family...Grabber!

Today's the third day since acquiring the pet egg - so my current leveling team cleaned out the last of the rats from the Bahia Greenhouse. Here's what happened next:

Squee! One more visit to the Pet Expert!

Yes, you get to name your pet/s. You'll find out what I named mine in a second.

Access Pet Information by hitting Alt + P.

Pick "Pet list". Now you know that I named my Grabber after the Kung Fu Panda!

And there's the little guy, along with his owners! Meet the newest member of the family, Po NineMoons!


Problem is, I don't have any Fesos to buy Po some pet food, so I've sent him back home to hibernate for now. I guess I've got to go off and think about ways to earn some Fesos so I can see him in action, and keep him fed too. *sigh*

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