Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Big Reveal: NineMoons @ the Vault!

Now it can be told! Here's the Big Announcement I've been hinting about - finally revealed!


I had a heck of a surprise come to me in my email early last month: a letter from someone at

Just that credential
alone made me nearly fall out of my chair in excitement. Good thing I waited till I actually read the email - it was the actual letter that really dropped me to the floor, jaws unhinged in wonder. was inviting me to host a mirror of
this Granado Espada fan blog over on their site hosting network, the Vault!

More importantly, they wanted
this blog to become one of their major resources with regards to both Granado Espada and Sword of the New World!

But because this is the Internet we're talking about, I asked the nice people at for bona fides / proof of identity. [Hint: Learn how to do that politely and properly, and things flow much more smoothly.] I got them. I was convinced.

I signed up!

And it's been a heck of a start-up process. I had to rebuild
this blog, which grew and changed over the course of a year plus change, at the Vault site in just over a month. That included importing all of the content, sending over some of the widgets, and generally sprucing the place up a little.

Now: everything's ready! The Vault site is up, and clean, and I'm damn happy with how it looks - so it's time the NineMoons Family rolled out the welcome mat!

Announcing NineMoons @ IGNVault!

Wish me luck - and please, do visit!

Next stop: 50k hits for this blog!

Edited to Add: Oh wait, the next entry is the 400th~ ^^


Alcarcalimo said...


You truly deserve it!

Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

many thanks.

DeSanggria said...


but then again i've been congratulating you ever since you told me that news. ^^

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

you're right!

still, thank you!