Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New RNPC costumes ahoy!

If you like the Coimbra item merchant version of Emilia, or have a crush on Grace Bernelli, have a peek at upcoming costume designs made especially for these two, from

Here's the upcoming new costume for the standard Emilia RNPC - in other words, NOT the Sage variant. Its katakana name reads loosely as
shineraria swazu:

Front view. Check out the painted nails! The lace arm coverings! The purple flower on her right leg!

Back view. Yup, she's wearing a skort: bloomers in front, ruffles in the back.

And here's Grace Bernelli's new outfit, the
weito ebento:

Front view. I wish there were an alternate, hat-less wig for Bernelli, since her original chapeau clashes just a tiny bit with this costume.

Back view. Am I the only person who's reminded of the Le Blanc armors by this costume?

Just a little eye-candy to get your day started right ^^ Enjoy!


DeSanggria said...

emilia looks gorgeous!

i agree. panira yung hat ni bernelli.

i have 2 bernelli's i might as well dress one up in bistre and the other one with this! she's smashing hot in the new costume ('cept for the hat)! XD

DeSanggria said...

hmmm..i've noticed that they're getting stripped little by little. perhaps a swimsuit costume collection for the RNPCs is not too far-fetched, yes? >:)

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

re emilia - wak lang syang gayahin ni you-know-who.

but i agree, this costume might be the one and only reason for me to create her in my barracks.

re bernelli - actually, i wish there really was a wig, i've always wanted to just have her own hair ^^ and that double-grace idea sounds nice. do iiiit.

RNPC swimsuits??? Andre's should be the first to be released! LOL!

Staark said...

Grace Bernelli's costume looks kinda "tramp" though :(.

But i like the one for emilia! Too bad ETS doesn't have it :(

Nine Moons said...

@ staark

i'm guessing you prefer the Bistre costume or the standard Bernelli outfit?

i think it's the collar that makes this one rather different from the Bistre outfit, plus yeah, first Bern costume with jewelry.

yeah, ETS doesn't really get much in the way of new costumes.... I think that's the case for the non-standard RNPCs.

Manny said...

Har! I hope IMC would consider releasing it for Emilia the Sage. Some of the Premium RNPCs (namely Soho, Panfilo and Adelina) have their original costumes available.

Nevertheless, it's great to see more content being developed! :D

DeSanggria said...

WHY can't they freaking remove grace's hat? it ruins the femininity of the costume! >:p

i want a long hair wig for grace (similar to the plait for scouts).

@staark: why, hello tessa! *waves*

Nine Moons said...

@ manny

"shineraria swazu" is NOT an original costume in any way. not likely there will be a variant for sage.

@ desanggria

is it me, or does this Bern costume make her look a bit...fat? hips and waist look a bit wrong...

staark said... 2nd comment didn't get through!

Anyway, @ Anne: HELLO! You have been MIA for so long..

@ Ninemoons: Congratulations! This is a well-deserved breakthrough for you!

Hehe, @ topic: I think the Bistre is the best-designed costume we have seen in Ge so far ^_^ Grace's original suit looks 'painted' on and the new one is kinda kinky lol.

Nine Moons said...

@ staark

oh dear, missing comment, please repost ^^

thank you so much for your kind words. i REALLY appreciate your support.

also, back on topic: i agree. Bistre pwnz all.

DeSanggria said...

@staark: MIA in caravaggio, but have always been active in carracci since i switched servers. hehe. how's things over there btw?

i agree...bistre pwns! i'd love to see what this new costume would look like in-game so i'm reserving further comments. hehe.

Mikee Stiles said...

Feeling naman nila babalik ako dahil binawasan nila ng damit si Bernelli at si Emilia.

Oh puhlease D:

Bawasan ng damit si Viki plox!!!

Nine Moons said...

@ Stiles

good gracious, naka-shorts and short sleeves na nga yung bata sa alt costume nya eh.... ^^

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Aw, pano ung ETS? hehehe