Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GAME! November 2008 Feature: Granado Espada Gamer Girls In The Spotlight

Okay, I managed to make decent scans of the GAME! November issue - well, at least just the pages for the GE Gamer Girls Season 1 feature. So here are the JPEG versions.

GameNov2008 GEGamerGirls01
Page 1, the title page for the feature.

GameNov2008 GEGamerGirls02
Page 2 of the feature.

GameNov2008 GEGamerGirls03
Page 3, the last page of the feature.

Click on the JPEGs to be able to read the text. They should be large enough that the article can be easily read.

Enjoy the article ^^ For the upcoming Dec-Jan issue, I contributed a story about the
Black Party event that marked the first anniversary of Granado Espada in the Philippines, as well as a report on the Server Merge - so please watch out for that one, too.

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