Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GAME! November 2008 issue is out!

This one is for all of the Granado Espada Gamer Girls - and especially those from the Philippines!

Never mind the main image; what you're looking for is in the bottom-left corner!


See the list of featured articles near the bottom? Check out the third entry on that list: Granado Espada Gamer Girls. That's right, you can now read the full article on the GE Gamer Girls Season 1 initiative - the same article I excerpted in this post!

Too bad I wasn't able to cover everyone. The article was set for deadline early in September, so I couldn't complete the list of Gamer Girls.

I owe someone scans of the pages where the article appeared.....


Alcarcalimo said...

I got my copy last weekend and I have to say that your post was great. I'm glad that you also included gamer girls from other MMORPGs(RO).

I just hope that this won't be limited to GE only and somehow spread to other MMORPGs and genres.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

thanks for reading the article. I had to mention the Shadow Maidens because they were pretty much one of the first PH gamer girl groups for MMOs. in their steps have since followed the Dream Girls Club from Audition and many others, including a number of factions in GE.

as for the gamer girl experience spreading to other MMOs in the Philippines - you'll want to ask the Zhu Xian CM for that.