Monday, February 18, 2008

The 2nd Granado Espada PH Bloggers' Meet

The time: ~2PM on a busy Sunday afternoon [17 February]
The place: The Starbucks branch on the 2nd floor of the TriNoma mall, overlooking the Activity Center
The occasion: The 2nd Granado Espada Bloggers' Meet!

Reclusion [Darrick and Nate]
Deniva [Deniva and Illuvien]
Mitchin, a player who recently moved to GE from RF, provided insights on the current experience of the newbies coming to the game.

Main issues on the agenda revolved around the following matters: issues involving the GE PH community; game imbalances/bugs/exploits, and the Fantazzztic Film Awards. The last issue was particularly relevant as nearly everyone there was part of one or more FFA competing teams. [Cast and crew pictures below to prove it ^^]

We talked a lot about how Granado Espada is being under-promoted in the country; until now there are PC shops that still have no idea of what the game is, much less have it installed in their machines. There were the continuing shenanigans of another MMO who stooped to low measures to not only block GE but also steal away its players by offering them GM positions - the condition, of course, being to quit GE in favor of that upstart MMO. The general consensus was that there were some difficulties with marketing the game from the official sources, and we might have to resort to viral means in order to get more people to play.

Regarding the FFA, we all expressed being busy for the final round of submissions, the Grand Finale competition being on till the 21st. We all agreed to promote each other's films in our respective blogs.

Community issues and game imbalances provided the bulk of the discussion, however, and the topics covered there were myriad: from the continued spamming of the RMT traders to the lack of real-life participation of the PH community to the in-game events that seem to use G-Points items as a crutch and sole means of participation.

The rest of the time, we spent making plans to help the community out just a tiny little bit [cue the patented NineMoons Evil Grin™]. Watch out for that just as soon as we all catch our breath from the hoopla and stress machine that is FFA.

And now, enough seriousness - on to the pictures!


2ndGEPHblogmeet01, by NineMoons
From left to right, Sigrid, Nate Reclusion, and Darrick Reclusion. Taken while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

2ndGEPHblogmeet02, by NineMoons
From left to right, DeSanggria, Illuvien, and Deniva. DeSanggria is busy taking notes!

2ndGEPHblogmeet03, by NineMoons
From left to right, Fiksdotter, Artaxerxes, Mitchin, and Blacksword.

2ndGEPHblogmeet04, by NineMoons
From left to right: Blacksword, Mena [standing], Lucido, Sigrid, and Nate.

2ndGEPHblogmeet05, by NineMoons
Sitting, from left to right: DeSanggria, Lucido, Illuvien, Deniva, Fiksdotter, Artaxerxes, Mitchin, Blacksword, Mena, and Darrick. Standing: Nate and Sigrid.

2ndGEPHblogmeet09, by NineMoons
The ladies! Sitting, from left to right: Illuvien, Sigrid, and DeSanggria. Standing: Lucido and NineMoons.

2ndGEPHblogmeet09, by NineMoons
The gents! Sitting, from left to right: Mitchin, Deniva, Nate, and Fiksdotter. Standing, from left to right: Blacksword, Mena, Darrick, and Artaxerxes.

FFA Cast and Crew Pictures!

2ndGEPHblogmeet06, by NineMoons
Cast and Crew of Le Blanc. Sitting: DeSanggria and Darrick. Standing, from left to right: Artaxerxes, Mena, Fiksdotter, and Nate.

2ndGEPHblogmeet06, by NineMoons
Cast and Crew of One Letter For Freedom: Illuvien and Deniva.

2ndGEPHblogmeet07, by NineMoons
Cast and Crew of Relapse, although the other two are missing: Sigrid.

2ndGEPHblogmeet08, by NineMoons
Cast and Crew of Not Another Love Story. Sitting: NineMoons and DeSanggria. Standing, from left to right: Artaxerxes, Darrick, and Nate.

For the whole photo album, click here.


Ligaya said...

If we're discussing GE-related stuff please feel free to refer to me as Lucido, and to link to my blog: v^_^v Thanks!

NineMoons Family said...

@ Lucido

noted, and corrected~ thanks for coming to the meeting ^^

darrick said...

LOL at the NineMoons Evil Grin™

as you said only insane people will do this and that in a week XD!!!

NineMoons Family said...

@ darrick

I think it's pretty clear that some of us are nuts XD

Ligaya said...

@ Ninemoons: Thank you dear! ♥

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya

*hat tip*