Saturday, February 16, 2008

Super FFA winners post!

The winners of Intel "Scene & Heard" Week for the Fantazzztic Film Awards are up here~!

Congratulations to my friends:

Reclusion and Behringer


And to everyone else who won!

[If you want me to link to your blog - comment with the URL so I can link it here!]

And yeah, haha, one of the Not Another Love Story videos is in that list. I hope it helps to drum up interest for our final submission. We are cooking up something entirely new for you this time, and I really hope you tune in when we complete it!

Congrats to the winners - and let the competition for the Grand Finale week begin!


Lady 'K said...

Thanks for the special mention Ninemoons! ^_~

NineMoons Family said...

@ lady 'k

if you liked this entry, you'll LOVE the next one ^^